Things you miss from the old CD


In preferences you can set topics/tags to “Watching” or “tracking” maybe that does it for you?


Check out JVNs tutorial here:


Watching only notifies you of the updates. So, if I want to browse other posts from a forum, say, “How do I do x in Python,” it is more difficult than the old CD.


Just set it up so you ignore all of the threads you don’t want to see on your main page. Instead of an “include” like it was on the portal here it’s just an “exclude”.


The old, clunky UI. It really made me feel at home because I used to use old, outdated message boards like that when I was like 12 (so 2012 about)


The old, clunky UI was pretty far advanced for those of us who were using email list servers, Usenet and BBS to discuss stuff in the 1980s and 90s…


I miss rectangular pictures. Everybody’s avatar is cropped to a circle, and many look weird. And it’s not like the space isn’t there, it’s just that there’s a white circle superimposed on the avatar for no reason. Why is this the trendy style?

(And yes, get off my lawn. I’m one of those curmudgeons that sometimes turns off graphics when browsing the internet, since they just get in the way of the content.)


That might be an issue with whatever was used to save the image, if you mean within the avatar. i tried uploading a transparent image as my PFP without issue. If its something else, then im not sure what youre referring to.


Sorry, I didn’t phrase it well. I mean that the underlying picture is rectangular (as computer image formats generally are), but then a white (at least on the default white theme) overlay is over it, with a transparent circular cutout in the middle. So you only see a circular portion of the full image that’s there.


Another thing is that there are profile options everywhere that I do not understand how to set. For example, there are a lot of “Registered Users” but I have no idea where to change that text. I guess I’ll just be an Alumnus forever…


This is on Brandon’s to-do list. See the discussion about uneditable Custom User Titles in this thread: AKA input field missing


Sweet. Brandon, I’m sorry for doubting you.


Used to? I still am on all 3 accounts. Gotta get my Tradewars 2002 fix in somehow.


I had to modify my avatar picture to reflect the new reality. Instead of seeing my whole car, now we just see a round part of it.


I figured out my biggest annoyance. It has to do with my last post, but I miss the forum tools. There do not seem to be any. I cannot mark a forum as read, bookmark a forum, etc. There is just the dot to be notified of updates. It is a bit annoying.


The biggest thing I’m missing now that I’ve had some time to experience it, is the general conversation that’s taking place. This feels like a giant group chat. I feel like a lot of people are treating it as such. I feel like with the old CD the conversation was more complex and posts were more thought out. Maybe things will improve as we get further away from kickoff…


Agreed. I think several features of discource are responsible for that. It’s a lot faster/easier to write quick 1-sentence or 1-word replies and quoting previous posts is just difficult enough that there’s a lot of replies without quoting the context. Instant updates of replies. The “see who is replying in real time” has a couple of effects–that’s a typical feature of chat applications like Slack and iMessage, and also knowing that someone else knows that you are responding tends to make you not want to spend as much time composing a reply (psychological response). The ability to instantly “like” posts is also a chat-type response mechanism (ala Slack and Facebook).

The other thing I’m finding is that the search functionality leaves a LOT to be desired. In particular the fact it sorts on some kind of “relevance” metric, which isn’t as valuable in the CD community as a lot of questions people have are specific to a particular year–I often see “relevant” results that are several years old! I’m seeing lots of duplicate questions because of this. I find sorting the search results by “latest post” generally yields much more actually relevant results–maybe that could be made the default?


this is an excellent suggestion. “latest” is what’s usually more important on CD


I see we got this back :slight_smile:


Mouseover preview is working! yay! thanks!