Things you miss from the old CD


Being able to remain logged in near indefinitely.


I miss literally everything because I’m a sentimental son of a gun.


I went ahead and added that to my Full Name. Will see if that is needed but I like knowing the teams and roles too.


Nobody misses that haha


Well I guess full names aren’t shown, at least on my mobile view, so not much of a solution.


I think what is shown is the contents of the AKA field, which isn’t editable…


Dark theme definitely helps, I still think the old CD colors look good though:


Team numbers, load speed, information density, color theme.


Is there no way to edit custom user titles?


Spotlight and going into spotlight rabbit holes from 2004.


Can we petition for “Classic CD” to be a theme option?
How long until someone makes a plug-in?


As odd as it sounds… I kind of miss the “go to last post” being broken. I got so used to scrolling as soon as I opened a thread… Going to have to retrain my muscle memory!


oh no.


I feel like im just missing a lot. Karthik is now just a “K” and theres nothing about who he is, which just seems way to empty for my liking.


I miss a lot of things about CD-Media:

  • A stream of actual pictures & whitepapers on the left-hand side, that was separate from the noise on the right-hand side.

  • Now it’s all jumbled together, without thumbnails of the photos.

  • In the thread the images seem to be [conformed to an arbitrary size, even if the original was not(pic: 1885 ILITE's Robot for 2018).


I aspire to be more than a letter to you! :rofl:


I miss the signatures too seems like a downgrade.


I always thought that signatures added too much clutter, but thinking back, it was a good way of identifying people. Everyone looks the same now.


To me old CD felt rustic but fully functional. I am sure we will get used to it and I bet the back end is way cleaner but I miss all the info the top off each post provided.


This is coming in a couple days …