Things you miss from the old CD


I think we can all agree, The customizations made our accounts familiar and memorable. Whether that be profile pics, Reputation counts, Signatures or Team numbers. The thing I like the least is that loss of familiarity. That’s what I miss…


This; it was a lot faster to tell who the poster was in the past. I’m hoping that this comes around as people get their profiles adjusted and things get massaged.


page load speed, and less javascript and no dynamic page loading.


Agreed with each of these.




Agreed. At first I was all for the cleaner look of posts, but now realize that the combination of avatar/WAI, signature, and reputation provided a way to easily identify users within a thread or across the forums at extremely quick glances.

While I don’t necessarily long for the cluttered feel, it would be nice to see more customization to the part of profiles displayed in threads to recreate this.


the uptime (i know there’s still a lot of kinks to get worked out, don’t worry)

The settings page is so incredibly confusing. had to search for the dark mode for longer than I like to admit.

All of the google search results for cd threads are utterly broken.


I agree with @Jared_Russell here. Not having team roles and numbers is a pretty significant loss IMO and the actual useful text is really sparse.


vBulletin was very simple. While some people like dynamic page loading, it generally makes things slower in my experience.


I actually like this idea, kind of like how Reddit has the option of reverting back to the “Old Reddit” format.


At least new CD is fairly usable, instead of New Reddit.


My chief complaint with the new Discourse setup is that (echoing some complaints made upthread) it strips posts (and posters) of a lot of their personality, making the site feel less like a community of posters and more like a relatively anonymous Q&A site such as StackOverflow. I didn’t think I’d be missing stuff like team numbers and signatures as much as I currently do.


If you click on someone’s username, you can see their team number in a pop up. It’s not as obvious as it was before, but it works for now, I guess.


I completely agree that there is a lack of customization (or at least it looks that way) to individual posts. You can click on profile pictures to look at each person’s small customizable field. But it isn’t just straight in front of you like it used to be. Also definitely miss seeing team numbers up front, team roles, and links to TBA like most of the people here.


they should add this


I’ll echo missing signatures, team affiliation, and the shorter load times for old vbulletin CD.
I think I’ll grow to like some discourse features tho, so it’s a tradeoff.

EDIT: As an example of something I like already, the thread updated with another post while I was looking at it. Live-updating pages is a nice touch.


Pictures… In the main thread thing so you knew if something was interesting w/o opening it up. As well as those sick signatures.


An update: Definitely root around in your settings. Things considered profile things before were spread across the Account and Profile tabs now. The net result doesn’t show much while scrolling, but it does get you back a lot of the customization when you click someone’s profile image. (Try mine, I’m pretty happy with it now.)


With the lack of signatures, does this mean that CMP userbars are a thing of the past?


Reading from the first line of the readme:

“Felling nostalgic of old VBulletin days?”

Yes. Yes we are. :crab: