Things you miss from the old CD


The biggest problem for me is the handling of CD-Media. Downgrading papers and pictures to forum topics, and not differentiating them between each other at all makes it very difficult to browse effectivly.


Won’t be a problem for me, but I’m pretty sure the general CD population will miss being able to filter out all of the Fantasy FIRST posts. There’s a lot of them D:


Preferences > Notifications > Categories > Muted

Add topics you don’t want to show up.


For categories :point_up:

You can do it on a per-topic basis, also.


I’ll miss the number 47. How else will people be reminded of one of the best teams FIRST lost to history?


Someone once taught me the following math rules: 47+65=51


i like the old sorting of posts, the new one is kinda weird, like whats the difference between latest and new???


This, absolutely. It was getting overwhelming even with the ability to filter them out. Looks like there is the capability to do this natively though!


Go to the FF category, and Mute it, and you shouldn’t see them on the thread listings anymore.


Looks like “Latest” sorts all threads based on the latest post, with the tread with the most recent activity on top. Using the “New” filter does a similar thing, just it only shows relatively new threads (rather than a 3 year old thread that someone just posted to)


huh, okay, thanks!


Or New Digg

Like others have said, I mainly miss the signatures and visible team numbers


I miss seeing the team numbers. I’d also like to figure out how to put my role after my username. It just says, 'Spock81 Registered User '. I would like to know what the setting is to make that 'Spock81 Mechanical ’ or something. (I’m sure its somewhere, but nothing I’ve tried seems to have done it)


The setting is not available yet, they are looking into it.


Most have said everything already. I’m sure some of this will be just getting used to the new interface, but I think Munchskull said it well; CD felt rustic but fully functional. Every post had all the information you needed from it and was easy to follow.

I remember when the VEX Forum switched to their new format I had similar feelings that while more updated and I’m sure the change was necessary at some point, it just didn’t feel like it retained the level of function it had before.


Details here. Watch that issue to see when it gets resolved.


At the moment, I’m really pissing the old Portal front page. I’m sure as I continue to adjust settings and grow used to Discourse I will find the front page useful in the future. But I really miss being able to easily filter down to new posts in the threads I actually cared about and having CD Media images appear on the left of the screen. The CD Media bar, in particular, were great for being able to quickly jump into new designs that people had posted.


This typo reminds me to check what kinds of profanity are filtered out and which ones made the cut. Hmm let’s see… Maybe a minor thing for @Brandon_Martus to look into down the road. :slight_smile:


Is there a way to “mark all threads as read”. I remember this was an option on the old CD. There are a lot of threads that show up as unread but are old. I’d like to mark all as read occasionally, to better highlight new content.


I deleted mine already so i cant show it, but when you’re at the homepage you can do it by finding the “unread” and clicking “dismiss.” It will be somewhere with these buttons: