Things you miss from the old CD


Definitely for me the biggest one is seeing the recent images on the left side of the homepage. Also it seems to me that a few of the pictures from old CD are broken. I also majorly miss the old search system, and preferred the pages to the infinite scroll (but I will probably get used to that). I also would like the reply system to be more obvious in how it works, quoting should be automatic rather than having to select everything in a persons post in order to quote them.


Signatures and Team Association


You can still get those, you just need to click on the users name. That in itself is an inconvenience tho, hopefully it can be changed


I miss the old home screen, with CD-Media on the left, and Recent Posts on the right. It was all simple and easy to understand, not the biggest fan of the new CD.


Okay, I’ve tried to edit this post ~6 times to quote the post it is referring to and it immediately edits it back. No idea what discourse is doing to decide that…


I miss the old CD, orange so close to gold CD

Spotlight in bold CD, red rep to scold CD


If you look at the edit history for the post (which by the way, is public, not sure I’m a fan of that), it says that you can’t quote the whole previous post, you can only do a portion of it. Frankly, this is dumb (imho), @Brandon_Martus can we get a configuration change?


Overall like the changes. Miss team association with the blue alliance link. Also wish for more theme choices and customization.


I miss the tablet and phone apps. I use a version of tapatalk for my message boards, but it seems neither it nor most other forum apps support Discourse. There is an android app, but it is just a simple Chrome wrapper.

I also prefer the old board’s organization, however, I think that is just a matter of dealing with change. :slight_smile:

I do enjoy the cleaner interface.
~Mr. R^2


I wanted to make sure that everyone knew even with a new format for CD, I’ll still target whatever low hanging fruit I can find for a cheap laugh.


I want to throw my support behind adding the signature plug in. Every post looks too much alike.


Something that I find misleading is the browser scroll bar. It seems to be always near the bottom if I am reading new posts, whether or not I am actually close to the bottom. I know there is a Discourse scroll bar and it might just be an issue of retraining my eyes where to look, but it is still annoying. Also, if I open a thread topic that I have already read 90 posts in, the browser scrollbar does not reflect the length of the entire topic above where I am.


I don’t know if Discourse allows it, but it seems that the old custom emotes (safety, rtm, dead horse, etc) got lost in the transition from vBulletin. They probably need to be spruced up to go with the new software, though.


The images on the front page made it easy to scan for new designs instead of reading a post.


Honestly, I had signatures turned off. Too much extra junk in most cases.


Marshall (he hasn’t posted on the new CD yet)


I believe you’re in the wrong thread, try going here: Things you like about the new CD


Let’s see, things I miss…

  1. Not having a blinding white default color scheme
  2. The CD portal, which allowed you to take a quick glance at recent topics in categories of interest and tell which ones have new posts in them.
  3. Having previews of recently posted images in the CD portal
  4. Having separate “folders” for different topics (the “categories” feature is NOT an adequate replacement)
  5. Custom Titles, Real Names, Team Numbers in posts
  6. Actual timestamps on posts (having a “#m ago” is irritating, especially if you screenshot something)

Other minor things:

  • Reputations were nice
  • Signatures were meh but at least added some flare to posts

I get that vBulletin was dated, but surely there was some other alternative that wasn’t such a drastic departure in layout. I’m willing to give the new site a chance, but honestly, I’ve been here since 2006 and I’m seriously questioning if I’m going to keep using CD after this update (I guess I’d move the FIRST forum, of all things), the new site isn’t nearly as user-friendly or as easy to browse as the old one.

Things you like about the new CD

This is more of a “things you don’t like about the new CD” rather than missing from the old.

The fact that the home page does not automatically update threads to show as read is annoying. I usually open topics in new tabs and I am annoyed that I don’t have to reload for topics to jump to the top but I do need to reload for them to be marked as read.


I miss the long threads, like this one, being broken up into pages with the post number explicitly displayed in a corner of the post. With the current software, if the posts are short and there are several on the screen, it is difficult to tell which one is post #104 when several posts are on the screen at the same time. With the previous software, it was pretty straight forward to direct someone to “the discussion on page X” of the thread or to “the code snippet in post #Y”.