Things you miss from the old CD


You can use the chain icon below a post to share a link to that specific post.


Looks like you can also start a new post from said comment link as well, which will certainly be useful.


Not sure there’s an option for that.

If you hit the ‘Reply’ button, the new post will have a link at the top right back up to the entire post you’re quoting if people want to reference that.


I miss the ability to block/ignore users. :shushing_face:


You can also quote part of the post and it adds the link to the whole post.

I actually really like this. No more pages after pages of 1k word posts being quoted over and over again.


This. The ignore list on the old CD was one of the best features and it made things a lot more bearable. There’s a feature that allows you to mute notifications from specific users, but nothing that allows you to ignore them entirely.


I miss the old CD “home” screen. It was very easy to see everything at a glace: new posts on the right. announcements in the middle, media on the left. It made sense. This endless scrolling is irritating.


I miss this too. The announcements not as much because it took up so much of the screen.


Yeah I’m having a hard time with that part. I’d really like to see something in place to better identify users and what team they’re from (and a Blue Alliance link).


You can see the team number of the user if you click on the user’s avatar.


This was pretty fun though


If folks wouldn’t mind editing their AKA section with their team number it’d be nice. I like seeing it in each post. Idk, it provides a little context for questions or posts.


Users are currently unable to edit that … will work on a fix for that this weekend.


The ability to view users by team number.


A big thing that I miss is the White Papers and the Design drawings on the home page. As a coach with little background in Robotics they were a huge help.


I’m suddenly OK with this restriction now.


Its a minor thing but the ability to hover over a thread and preview the OP


I miss the pictures one he left. I like pictures. I’m a visual person.


Really missing the access through phone and tablet friendly apps. I’m trying to use the Discourse app, but it is simply terrible compared to Tapatalk. I reserve the right to reassess as I get used to this platform. I really appreciate this forum and the people who work hard to bring it to us, but right now this is a significant downgrade for me.


I second this. It would be a nice thing to bring back.