Things you miss from the old CD


Not sure if it functions the same way, but you can “Mute” users…

Preferences > Notifications > Users > Muted


I miss holding the mouse over a subject and getting a small preview of the first line or two before clicking


I believe the post number on the scroll bar matches to the post that is at the top of your screen (even if its just blank space above the post divider).


Me too :sob: old CD was the best


Also for people who may be inquisitive about what specific number a post may be in a thread, you can always look at the link to the post, by clicking the chain link image, on the bottom right of the post.


In addition to what Dez said, you can get the link directly to the post by clicking the timestamp in the post, which is in the same relative location as the vBulletin post number.


The User Card and Profile Summary both now have a linked team number over to TBA. :tada:

Working on getting that to show up here near your username, on each post.


One Championship.


It’s even got the new TBA icon! :heart:

btw - I know discourse is open source, so if the changes you made are easily wrapped in a plugin and you’d like to host them in the TBA github org as a way to try to scale your own time (so others can contribute fixes/improvements), shoot me a DM and I’ll get one set up for you.


The nostalgia haha, I still remember my first CD account (and the two after that because I kept forgetting my password and couldn’t be bothered to reset it). The old “unclean” compactness of the original site required less clicks and scrolling to get somewhere too.


I did a quick css/javascript update, but as I finished I realized I should do a proper plugin.

When I get time to re-do that properly, I may take you up on this offer.


Sounds good, either @Eugene_Fang or I can get that set up whenever you’re ready.

I know some others in the community were talking about building a plugin to deep-link event/team references to their TBA pages, which would be another cool enhancement we could make.


Agree wholeheartedly.

I posted a paper in CD-Media last night and it quickly got buried by all of the code/CAD releases. Hopefully there exists or someone can make an add-on for a second column on the home page just for CD-Media to make it easier to find like the old site had.


This. Scrolling through the designs (and occasionally their detailed discussion threads) was one of my favorite things to do in the off-season, and I’d love to see it brought back here.


Me too:


It also seems that we can’t search users by team numbers like we were able to do before :frowning_face:


Adding a sitemap will likely make this get fixed fairly quickly, or quicker than it would get without it, and will make sure it’s better indexed by search engines.


Well due to the lack of user quotes at the top my secret competition to get more quotes then our team lead mentor is at an end…

Also I can barely recognize people.


The only issues i find anymore are the mobile.chiefdelphi links (which shouldnt be used anyways to begin with but i digress) and some special ones that seem to link to a specific post (such as


What’s this new site built with? Do you know?