Things you miss from the old CD




I miss being able to search old team’s robots and find their pictures easily in the media section.

I understand change is not easy… but the timing for this was terrible. Right before kick-off. I have to say, I have not been using CD like I used to because it is not as FRC friendly anymore.


I miss seeing number of posts a user has next to their username. It was a good proxy for who has experience and FRC knowledge. Also, I miss the space in my username!


I miss the quotes at the top and seeing team numbers as well as signatures


Pretty sure the pp= part of the URL controlled how many posts to show on a single page. Idk what URLs @Toatekua was talking about, but regardless all large sites should have sitemaps so stuff can be more efficiently, quickly, and more thoroughly indexed.


I agree, I think they also added a layer of character to the site as a whole, as it made posts seem more alive and full of character, if that makes any sense.


@plnyyanks @Brandon_Martus Seeing the “we could have X plugin” posts/threads, would it make sense to have a CD GitHub organization for all of the eventual plugins? Granted, so far I’ve only seen two so far (TBA and CD-Media).


I feel like the old forum was more conducive to reading the entire post where as this site constantly loads new posts as you scroll and it gives the appearance of a Facebook wall (cut the Facebook cord many a moon ago) so it can feel like work to try and read the post before replying (and we know how well that goes over with CD)


I fail to see how this is a bad thing? People should be reading posts before replying, otherwise you just get an echo chamber of the same responses over and over again.


I don’t disagree with you, I agree that the post should be read, that wasn’t the intention of my response. I’m just stating that it’s my opinion the other forum was more conducive to reading the entire post.


But if you weren’t seeing the latest posts in the old forums how were you reading the entire post?


I am missing the ability to search for posts by user. Unless I’m missing something, it seems we can’t do this anymore. Also, I miss the old search of being able to search either titles or posts, and see the results as threads or posts.

Finally, I miss being able to hover your mouse over a thread title on the portal page, and seeing a substantial amount of text of the first post in the thread. This would let me know whether it’s worth me clicking on and opening in a new tab or not, for more efficient reading.



In the search bar, click the options link and you can choose a bunch of advanced search filters. Or, in the search bar you can just type their username @brandon_martus would find all of my posts. Or if you go to their profile, the Activity tab should show all of their posts (and have filters down the left side for just Topics, etc.)


If someone sends me the colors, I’ll create this built-in for everyone to use.


Gist of what I used for the CSS (did color picker on the old site):

background-color: #F1F1F1;
line color: #FF8800;
blockquote {
border-left: 5px solid #999999;
background-color: #DFDFDF; }
Topic-bg: #E0E0E0;
Names: #000000

My Recommendation for the categories you showed:
Primary: #000000
Secondary: #F1F1F1
Tertiary: #FF8800
Quaternary: same
Header bg: same
Header Primary: same
Highlight, danger, success, love: same? maybe a slight Value adjustment?


This is there now as ‘Classic CD’. Seems a bit easier on the eyes. Let me know if anything else should change.


My Birthday Cake


If anybody wants to attempt a Discourse plugin for the TBA Team Number, I’ve started an empty repository here:


I believe there is an existing Discourse plugin for this … I’ll get it installed sometime soon.

ps: happy birthday! :slight_smile: