Thinking in the future: Two Championships or FRC Super Regionals?

I know I’m thinking a lot about the future mid build season but I was thinking a lot about this topic last night.

Last year FIRST went back to one championship after years of doing two, it makes sense there’s less teams now post covid. This year they’re still doing one champ but now there’s 200 more teams thankfully, meaning that about 1/4 of all teams in FRC go to champs. I’m assuming next year it will be more of the same, hopefully a few more teams though if possible.

I want to think about 6 or more years in the future though when we reach team numbers beyond 10,000 and there’s like 5000-6000 active teams, what are they gonna do for champs? I think FIRST has about 3 options of where they will go.

Option 1, Staying with one championship: FIRST could just stay with the one championship for a while, it just means that the percentage of teams moving on falls year to year which in the past at least is not something FIRST wants. For the sake of argument, though let’s imagine they go with this, higher level teams won’t be affected and they’ll have fun at champs, what this really affects are the more mid level teams such as my team, we’ll have way less of a chance to go which really kinda hurts us. Our team has gone to district champs every year it’s been a thing, but we’ve only gone to worlds occasionally, so we kind of treat worlds as like the reward for a good season, we don’t exactly try very hard there, but making that reward less and less obtainable would be sad for us. Anyways FIRST knows this and so it probably won’t happen

Option 2, back to two champs: This worked in the past and it could still work in the future and it offers a lot of pros. Having two champs would somewhat fix the whole not enough slots issue and so a lot more teams could compete. The biggest con though has been discussed here numerous times however, it’s not a true “worlds”, there’s no true winner etc etc. I could definitely see FIRST going back to this for a bit, though it won’t be very sustainable because what do you do when you need 3 champs now? Scary thought.

Option 3, Super Regionals: I’m not super familiar with FTC so I don’t know how it works there but anyways the idea here is to add a 3rd/4th level of competition for teams. I personally really like this option as it’s a way to still a reward and next step for teams when achieving worlds just isn’t possible. I think there would be like 4 or 5 super regionals in FRC, 3-4 in NA and one in Europe or the Middle East, then maybe one in SA eventually. Super Regionals are only really possible when there are enough teams to justify it but I imagine the way it goes for districts is you start with everyone in district events, then half of those quality for state champs, than half of those qualify for a super regional, than half of those teams go to worlds. Regionals would work similarly but just go directly from regional to super regional.

Anyways sorry for the text dump but I didn’t really see a dedicated discussion in recent time about FRC super regionals so I wanted to see what people thought.


Sorry for being so US Centric but here’s a map of what I think the super regional map would look like in the US


I think Super Regionals are something a lot of people on here are in favor of, and they’re even in the FIRST “Flex Regional” plan that often comes up in these discussions. The hurdle that seems hardest to solve with Super Regionals is that the FRC schedule already takes up most of the second semester of the school year and extending the season will start to intrude on things like AP testing.

If something like Super Regionals were to be implemented, I wonder if they could do so in a way that they effectively become the “Everyone Else District Championship” if a universal points system is implemented. Maybe have Midwest, West Coast, and Europe/Asia Super Regionals in that case?


Oh right yeah I forgot to mention timing, I figured in the super regional reality we would have most district champs take place on week 5-6, then the super regionals on 7-8, and finally the one championship on week 9. And if that becomes too crammed then kickoff takes place a week sooner and week 9 becomes week 10 maybe?

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Rip Northern New Hampshire. Welcome to the US, southern Quebec and Ontario.


My intention was to include the ontario district into that one lol

What i could see is more of 2 super regionals to cover the parts of the North America map not covered by disctricts and district camionships. A few more teams qualify from each regional, they play at the super regional and give out fewer spots than the regionals gave out. Out of north america comps qualify as they did previously.


MOE, FMA will miss you :broken_heart:


FMA turns into First Maryland Atlantic

This is actually really relevant- FIRST is likely starting to look at sites for Championship 2025-27 around right now (or immediately after this season).

Option 3 is interesting, but not likely to happen anytime soon, if at all. The existence of district champs is currently already that middle step between local and championship events, and it is unlikely that FIRST will even consider adding another step until most teams are in the district model. It was more relevant for FTC because FTC has always had many more teams with less slots at champs, meaning very few teams (under 10%, sometimes under 5%) could ever experience worlds- for FRC, this is very far off.

Option 2 is unlikely for the reasons you mentioned. While it was a good experiment for FIRST, I doubt that there will be enough support for a return to split championships now that it has been reunited. Teams have now gotten used to one championship and will always prefer one to two, unless one championship means a very small number of teams can ever attend…

…which leads into option 1. In my opinion, this is by far the most likely, especially with Championship hopefully relocating in 2025. While it is true that the class of convention centers currently used by FIRST isn’t big enough to support any growth, there are a few larger options in the USA which can easily hold the equivalent of not only one, but two+ championships (I can break them down if anybody is interested).

While option one is far from perfect, it is (in my mind) the most likely to happen, and has the ability to sustain a lot of future growth in FIRST



(I know its very unlikely but still plz be vegas)


vegas is unfortunately never going to happen : (

too many obstacles cough cough school districts cough cough


What’s interesting is that Michigan already has a super regional… Michigan State Championship which is 4 fields.


I disagree. If FIRST decided Champs would be in Vegas, I doubt you’ll have tons of teams now unable to go because of its location.


Super regionals would be a huge problem for teams outside the US and Canada, unless the competition schedule is stretched into May (which is very unlikely for reasons already stated). For most teams outside North America a super regional would mean traveling abroad with the robot, which is an incredibly challenging operation and requires a lot of preparation time, which we won’t have if we try to stick another competition abroad between dcmp/regionals and worlds.
Right now, while most dcmps are week 6 or 7, the Israeli DCMP is week 4, precisely because we need this time make all the necessary arrangements and ship the robots to champs. Similarly, Mexico’s, Brazil’s, and Australia’s regionals are all in weeks 2-4, presumably for the same reasons. Turkey has one regional in week 5 which genuinely makes me worry about the qualifying teams’ ability to sort everything out in time. If world’s isn’t pushed back another month, I don’t see any international team participating in a super regional between the end of their country’s competition schedule and champs.

(Also, what happens with international teams who don’t have a regional in their country?)

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I like this idea but these lines would need to be redrawn. The area in blue especially when including Ontario is probably close to half if not more than half of all FRC teams. To do this first would almost definitely need to kick off earlier. FiM is already packed with 6 events a week when a week was taken away and when more teams get added the amount of events needed would be even harder to sustain given how many volunteers are available. I really like the concept because it would also alleviate some of the travel issues with the super regional being closer. Sad to say with this scenario its not likely my team would ever go to worlds because of the cost since we already struggle to afford to go to states and adding another travel location along with the time the mentors have to take off of work to attend.


Option 4 - “District-izing”

Create more true districts with championships where there is enough team density. Create quasi-district champ events in areas where districts don’t work. This is instead of super-regionals. Fewer teams advance to CMP, but it is more meaningful.

District-style advancement criteria would mean the vagarity of qualifying via things like wild card slots go away.

What I’d really like though is return to 2-champs so Detroit can return as a venue.


For what it’s

For what it’s worth, here are the (adequated) Super Regional divisions based on “FIRST’s Vision” presented in the 7/21/12 NE FIRST Town Hall Meeting:

Super Regional Division Map - 2012

To be fair, that 2012 Vision also proposed two district systems in California beginning in 2013, so take that as you will…


For historical reasons I think we should go with @Hallry’s color choice for the Southern Super Region, or just any colors not red or gray.

Side note it is kind of wild how close those maps do in fact match up.


Ha I was just throwing ideas around, I guess FIRST has to hire me now