Third Human Player


Each alliance has three Human Players, one per team, but only two Loading Stations. If two Human Players out of the three occupy two Loading Stations, what does the third one do? Can he just stand by his drive team?


AFAIK there is no restriction on moving cargo or hatch panels between the two loading stations, so I envision the third HP could shift game pieces from one side to the other as necessary.


The third human player can be used however you see fit. If you would like them to stand by the drive team, they can do that. If you would like them to transfer game pieces, they can do that.


Interestingly, there are no rules saying the Human Player can’t touch the controls (and hence drive the robot) this year. So theoretically you could have 3 people driving your robot this year… although I can’t think of any situations where you would want to do that.


Sorry misread op.


I don’t recall specific rules against that from previous years, it’s not unique to this year. Some years, the human players are physically separated from the drivers, which makes controlling the robot impossible, but any time there’s one or more human players in the driver station area, they are allowed to operate the controls. In fact, the only restriction is really on the coach position - they aren’t allowed to interact with game pieces or touch the controls in any year - and that’s why their button is different from the other three!


On the world’s stage. This person is coordinating between the three team coaches on his/her alliance. Essentially directing the three robots to maximize effective strategy against the opposing three.


Each alliance can have anywhere from 0-9 human players.


Maybe your robot has multiple hatch or cargo mechanisms.


A team will receive 1(one) coach button, 3(three) driver/human player buttons, and 1(one) technician button. You will need at least one (most likely 2) people driving said robot per team that leaves 3-6 buttons for use by human players a human player that is not actively loading a robot can

A) rearrange cargo and hatch panels to the desired location

B) call out times for the coaches
( ex: 90 seconds left, 50 seconds left)

C) stand next to their respective drive team and do nothing

D) there is no where in the manual that says the coach has to be coaching. This third person can be the coach (if not a Mentor) and a mentor and have access to the field to train new coaches in future.

Last year our team had a single person drive making our team more flexible when it can to these situations. Our 4 collective human player would be spinning the rollers on the exchange and a single person would be doing the vault. This did add less confusion to this part of the field last year.