Thirty Days till Kickoff

Thirty days are left until the kickoff (Saturday 4 Jan 2014)! What are you and/or your teams doing to prepare for KickOff? Also, with so many possible hints, what do y’all think the game is going to be like? I, personally think that it will be an object-placement game like LogoMotion! Does anyone have an estimate of how many teams will be participating?

Good Luck, and let’s hope that the game is something we like :smiley:

Somewhere around 2800

The 2014 game is being discussed here:

Can we try to keep game hints/theories in the existing threads? We don’t need another one of these threads.

But but but I like 30 different threads ?!?!?!?


It’s nice to have more than one thread because many people like to get off topic, so then i just go to the other one(s).

Well, this thread is meant for what teams are doing, preparing for KickOff, and if anyone want’s to add in, anything that they think would be a REASONABLE (I know that y’all like it, but a water game ain’t gonna happen!).

This thread is a reminder to myself that I have 29 more days to sleep.:slight_smile:

i agree with you seth when build season kicks off the sleep factor is removed :slight_smile: im excited right now our team is recruiting and expanding our knowledge i as captain am trying to improve different aspects of the team :slight_smile:

So what y’all are trying to say is to get your sleep now, and not save it for later?!?!?! The sad thing is that during the Christmas break, I am typically busy, making sparks, blowing things up and building bots and other crazy stuff!:smiley:


We’ve been working on several new preseason projects including 2 kitbots to train new members, testing drivetrains, mock kickoff, and doing PR events (Science Day Camp, FLL Qualifier Tournament, demos at places like the Texas Bowl). We also completed a Public Presentation to other Texas teams of our beta testing results.

We’re basically wrapping up as the first semester of the school year comes to an end so members and mentors can enjoy their precious bit of time before January 4th rolls around.

Because we don’t get enough of that stuff during build season? :wink:

True firster^

:rolleyes: :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope! Nothing’s better than seeing arcs fly, when you discharge a capacitor bank. Maybe I should get an ionizer transformer and feed it into a leyden jar! That would be my definition of fun when I short out the terminals of that leyden jar. Even better: running off 9V

I also wanted to create some electronics-fry gear! Put an electrode on my food and send power of an ionizer transformer through me! when I touch someone, they will get a good shock! A good defibrillator too! Just touch a phone, and watch as magic smoke exits it! That’s me :smiley:

At this time we are finishing the training of 4 more students with the CNC mill and some more students for welding. Drive train is testing a new 2 speed gear box and controls has delivered a new drive controls software. Both classes have been using rapid prototyping techniques and built competing designees that fit an old chassis. We have also work on management training and many other projects. Come build I go from 8-10 hours a week at GRT to 30-35 hours a week and that is after getting up at 3 AM to go to my work. Since at least once a week at work I am asked if I am going to retire soon you can see why sleep before build is high on my list of prepping for build. Good luck to all of you this season.

In years past we did a “Week in a Day” mock kick-off type event.

This year we changed things up and are doing 1540’s Bunnybot. This should be really interesting for the students and so far they have learned quite a bit.

My team just had something called a “Creative Primer” presentation that is usually given to duPont employees, and us every year. Along with that we went over strategies by watching videos from previous competitions, and how our team compiles strategies with other alliance members.

Planning and finishing first drafts of our Chairman’s submission. Selecting presenters.

Also finishing up a test chassis and selecting drivers for the 2014 season.

Prepping our two new Makerbot Replicator 2 printers.

Keeping kids up on their CAD skills.

Sending volunteers to local FTC and FLL events.

Setting up for a strategy meeting with one of our sponsors immediately following kickoff.

Mentoring our FLL and FTC teams.

To be honest, it feels like our offseason is busier than build season!

We’re competing in a Vex competition put on by WPI called Savage Soccer. We run three teams and go to two events. We’ve already been to one event, where between the three teams, we picked up an undefeated qualifications, a semifinals appearance, and two award- a design award and a creativity award. After the second competition this Saturday, we will be working on shop training, organizing and preparing our storage space, and working on our Chairman’s presentation.

We’re strategizing for how to obtain corporate sponsors. With this year’s fundraising fiasco, we are looking into getting a lot more corporate sponsors so that we are less dependent on grants.

The key is to have 0% dependence on grants :slight_smile:

100% could be a bad idea, but 0%? Really? that doesn’t seem like good advice to give people.