This Is Funny!

Ok, so I was encoding our animation, and then I received an error, apparently I had run out of disk space. I’m thinking, “I just need to delete some of those temporary files left over from the countless attempts at encoding in the past 16 hours.

But when I saw the following screen, I just started laughing! is Awesome! (Not!).JPG


Windows didn’t even say I was out of disk space. :rolleyes:

I just had to share this with you guys.

well theres your problem right there your using windows… it’s weired like that but it usually tells u that your running low unless you turned the setting off!!! :cool:

roflmao, enough space for a litttle bit of code there still :slight_smile:
just no virtual memory …

16 kb left…Now that’s talent…Or something… =P



Someone needs a bigger hard drive.