This is the year...

This is the year that we all realize the mission of FIRST with far greater success than ever before. How? Instead of making huge plans as an individual, we ALL make an individual promise to carry out these important, attainable goals.

  • Relish you role, accept it as imperfect as it may be, and enjoy it. It matters not if you are a mentor, student, alum, or a support-person. You may never get a chance at it again.

  • Choose one person on your team, the one no one else is paying attention to, and inspire.

  • Choose another person on your team, the one who has really stepped up and hasn’t been noticed yet, and recognize.

  • Choose a third person in FIRST, from somewhere other than your own team, and do one of the above.

  • Only think of Gracious Professionalism as a standard to work toward personally.

  • Never use it as a gauge to point out someone else’s shortcomings.

  • Compete harder than you did last year.

  • Share more than you did last year.

  • Get to know a different part of FIRST this year, one you know very little about.

  • Do/Learn one thing this year that betters your future.

  • Do/Teach one thing this year that betters the future of your team.

  • Do one thing this year that leaves FIRST in better shape than you found it in.

  • Have the courage to carry the FIRST message into the rest of your life.

  • Be willing to say, “I participate in FIRST because I want to change the culture for the better” even though you know many will not understand and may even laugh at you.

It’s impossible to know who’s life you will change forever. Don’t miss an opportunity. I’m an optimist. Have a great season. This is the year.



Well said, Rich. I bow to the divine spark within you.

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starts chanting Sticky! Sticky! Sticky!

Great post Rich!


I second that motion! I think that really sums up what FIRST is about. Now if he can somehow make that into a rhyme…

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very nicely put, sir :slight_smile:

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i third the motion for the sticky. i think everyone should read this…if not once, then twice, thrice, or more.

Mr. Kressly brings up an excellent point here: the first place to start a change is with yourself. Don’t forget that as you look around you.

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Mr. Kressly, I am speechless again. Whenever I have a conversation with you or read your post, I learn or realize something new. This thread should go on sticky as suggested above. Thanks Mr. Kressly.

i’ve read this over and over and i didn’t know what to say afterwards till now…as we approach this new year…we can look and try to change things for the better… there is hope…the year hasn’t begun…this year, things can become better if we want it too. there are so many great people in FIRST, everyone simply amazes me time after time… we can change this world for the better…it just takes little steps and the wanting too…i wish everyone a great new year and season :slight_smile:
may all have peace and happiness…

wonderful post Mr. Kressly… i hope we all can try to accomplish these things. i will certainly try my best…

I appreciate the sentiments you expressed. I hope others take these words to heart and have a great year.


Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited.
Imagination encircles the world.

 - Albert Einstein

I am impressed each year at the imagination shown by those involved in FIRST.

Although I am old - I am new to forums - please forgive any errors I make as I learn.

Wishing all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Wow. Good points.


Mr. Kressly, how did you know I wanted tools and maps for Christmas?

Thank you for the very wonderful GP resource kit!

Mr. Kressly very well put. We should all strive to achieve what you have said., because this truely is the mission of FIRST. Thanks for showing us all this again.

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very well put Kres. see you first period monday.

Outstanding post! This should be required reading for each team! :]

I’m so emailing this to the rest of my team. Thanks for such great words.

this is the dawning of the age of aquarius…just messin wit ya. I think that this year will be fun to watch the robots shooting things heck yeahl, its so manly, i want more power!!!

Kressly, just like pretty much everything you say, this is most definitely relavent to what we are doing. Most of the time it’s good to hear your advice.

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I’m making everyone on my team read this for sure! It’s surely worth the sticky. Thank you for the post. :slight_smile:

This post is going up on our wall!!!

Spirit of FIRST much?