This is the year...


Huh I cannot believe I missed this years ago (or somehow don’t remember it).

I love the revival - I actually didn’t realize it was old - apparently it is timeless!!

I would LOVE to see someone generate a little quarter sized sheet (or even abbreviated wallet sized) checklist… and then see how many of us can check off every box. Forget buttons, keychains & swag - lets hand out checklists! :smiley:

Have an amazing 2013 everyone!!


I don’t spend a ton of time here these days, but it’s good to see people still get something from this. It’s easy to get “lost” in the details when time and sleep get short and stress gets high during a build season. I’m glad this continues to act as a reminder for folks and teams in FRC and across the robotics education community. Namaste all, and good luck in 2013!


Thank you for the great post, I was honestly going about things with the wrong attitude until I saw it. Is it alright if I print this out and hang it up in the robotics shop? Out team captain really wants to have it printed and posted in the workshop, but I wanted to make sure that it’s alright with you first.


You may do anything you’d like with it. Good luck with your season.


Cough…Vista Print Business Card…Cough

I really like this idea. I carry a similar card from a friend Greg Boz.


As we move into the new year, we can all be reminded of why we do this each year and what we can all do to make it a great year.

Thanks again for the great post Rich


It’s been four years and the mods haven’t locked this thread so I’m going to bring it back up. A whole new generation of FRC students have come into the program since this was last on the CD home page and it’s something everyone should read.

Wishing everyone a wonderful season.



I think this thread should remain unlocked. The original post is one of the best posts I’ve read on CD. As mentioned earlier by others, making this a sticky wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Best of luck to all teams this season! :slight_smile:


Another year coming…I hope all the new mentors and students of CD read this thread, and veterans reread.


Stuck, but left unlocked for the annual bump post.


A few extra bullet points for mentors that are frequently on my mind working with lower income kids:

  • Reach out to the kid that sits in the back shy and lacks confidence. Don’t push them to make big public presentations, just spend some time learning their interests and go home and learn a bit about it. I have zero interested in k-pop, but I’ve asked my kids for recommendations before. It’s a great outlet to get them to bond with me a little so I can get them engaged.

  • Check on the kid that seems to have bad grooming or wears dirty clothes. Things may not be okay at home, and a caring adult can make a huge difference.

  • Be ready to deal with short attention spans and behavioral issues with care rather than anger. Remember, a lot of the time it’s not them giving you a hard time, it’s them having a hard time. The school I coach has multiple fights a week, lock downs and all sorts of constant issues, and the teachers are too exhausted to police every little behavior violation after that. So the kids have been trained to act that way by their environment. Behavior issues aren’t always a sign of intentional blowing you off or disrespect.

  • Treat them like young adults, not little kids, and you’ll usually get better results.

  • You’re not going to save them all. Celebrate the individual victories. I had a kid come in with zero college ambition and thought they wouldn’t go to school post-high school, and worked to finally figure out they were a CAD guru. That kid did an internship at NASA over the summer. Fuel the tank to keep going back with that, not dwelling on the ones you couldn’t turn around.

Go out and light the way for some kids that really need it.


I’d never seen this thread before, so I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who bumped it back into relevance recently. This is great advice and food for thought, especially in a year where I personally am trying to help both of my teams focus on our team identities and goals for the future. Definitely a must-read for my students.


Let’s all remember why we are up this morning.

Have a great season everyone.