This is to help all new programmers

Check out Codecademy and these forums, as well as ask lots of questions.
If your an experienced programmer, I would like to request that you put in links for coding websites and possibly example code to help those in need.

Rocktapπ octoling.

My favorite resource for LABview examples is

Here is our GitHub repositories ( It contains the code from previous seasons back to 2015 when we switched to GitHub. We developed a library on top of the WPILib that can make program robot a lot easier and the library is shared between FTC and FRC. Let us know if you have any questions.

Thats great, but could we also get some more practical help with all the platforms such as labview and eclipse and bluej and netbeans, that would be great.

Unrelated to actually answering your question - are y’all still competing this year? 6051 isn’t currently registered for any competitions in 2017.

What kind of practical help do you need? Software installation instructions? Sample code?

While this is not a getting started guide, I am one of the admins that is responsible for maintaining (and hosting)
Side note, strongly recommend you identify a mentor who is familiar with the language you would like to use, and will commit to learning the FRC platform in that language (ideally, with a lead student programmer driving the exploration . . .). Get started now. Even though some of the released architecture gets tweaked from year to year, it will still be good to be familiar with the concepts involved.