This is what Social Distancing Looks Like

I guess the best benefit of being the coach of a team in this situation is being able to use the STEM Center when I get antsy.

Before we left we got a new drone so I figured I’d make a video of our STEM Center.

I hope everyone is doing well.


Very nice. I did see you standing in the parking lot as you transitioned from the front sign view to the facility view. And I just love the big tree outside, near the playground.

Now don’t go flying through the halls!

I ask you for directions so I can inspect your robot, and this is your answer. You’re such an over achiever!


Maybe not robots related, but here is my social distancing


OBTW, does anyone else think that they picked the wrong phrase with “Social Distance”? Physical distance is the intended target, but it seems to me that this phrase has made people afraid to talk or even wave to each other as they pass 20 feet or more apart from each other. People look at each other strangely at “thank you”, much less any exchange of information or experience.

And OBTW, if you want to see a treatment of extreme social distance due to disease, check out the episode of Sliders that debuted 25 years ago this Sunday.


Kinda miss riding my bike but right now all I can do is just stay home.

Honestly, riding your bike is OK. Just maintain distance from others as you go, unless you’re a suspected carrier directed for a lockdown/isolation. We aren’t going to get through this thing by being less healthy!


Of the things I do, Riding is probably the least risky from a virus transmission point of view. (And yes I am taking this seriously, and I am following the precautions recommended by the CDC) The closest contact with other humans was the gas pump handle. Where I should of been was at the PCH Carrollton event. Suspended for good reason, but I am having withdrawals. Riding helps me cope.

The last time I got gas at Costco, the guy who usually just stands around and periodically checks the credit card scanners was cleaning the pump handles after every customer left. He was really getting his steps in.

Social Distancing in the near future!


I knew this was going to happen one day soon, but it still poleaxed me. Leaving the name and more details out, but I got this e-mail from my Bishop today. There isn’t any indication that her death is COVID-19 related, but the second paragraph clearly is.

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
With sadness I share the news of the death of [name and personal details].
A public Memorial Service will be held at St. Anna’s Episcopal Church in due course as time and conditions permit.
Please keep [her] family in your prayers.
May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace.
In Christ,

That feels way stranger than mostly empty roads on a Tuesday rush hour.

OBTW, I just had to call MSC to update some info for an order. My signoff was totally spontaneous, but I think it will be my go to for a while (Like “You’re my number one customer” in Jingle All the Way):

Stay safe; stay healthy.

I totally remember this. Great movie.

Yes, someone else apparently has:

[Meanwhile our culturally inherited social norms are being tweaked to produce networks optimized for physical distance yet social connectedness, the better to thwart pathogen spread](

Holy cow! Now everyone’s going to want a moat around their facility!

(and some sweet playground slides!)