This looks like fun

As seen on CNN:

wow that looks awesome!

Starting with Anti-Lock Brakes in 1979 (Mercedes-Benz), which allows any idiot who can stomp on the brakes to bring a car to a safe and controlled halt with effectiveness equaling or exceeding the performance of the best drivers in the world, car manufacturers have been refining system after system to reach the point where the car drives itself.

For now, these systems help drivers do their job better. But just wait.

Like ABS, ASR allows any idiot with can stomp on the accelerator to speed up a car at maximum performance with no loss of traction or stability.

ESP, same for any idiot who can point the steering wheel in the direction they want to go.

Now Mercedes-Benz has cars that can match the speed of the car in front of it, right down to a stop, with no driver (accelerator or brake) input. Cars that not only warn you when you’re about to leave a marked lane, but nudge the car back into the lane when you don’t react to the warning. Cars that detect other vehicles in your blind spot, warn you when you try to move there, and again nudge your car away from the collision if you don’t heed the warning. Cars that detect objects and can brake the car if you don’t.

All without any sensors in the road.

Awful darn close to self-driving cars - and you can buy them today, in your choice of color…