This made me sad....

This made me sad:

“I’ve got to resist the urge to make dumb posts like this one. I want to earn my title.”

I removed the user’s name for the fact that this type of thing has become common…

Yeah… well

the magic-number-of-title-changing can be influenced in a number of mysterious ways.

Yeah well it makes me even sadder because it was me who wrote it. Thanks for not revealing my name but I thought I would just let everyone know it was me.

However, I am proud to say that a good majority or my posts are for very purposeful causes and that leads to an “earned” title in my book.

Besides, all these lame threads will be gone once the season get’s near. And just for the sake of the whole matter, I will post a new thread of something important as soon as I think of one.

dude, I did not use your user name for the fact that it is not just you who has done this. It was just the first time I had seen someone bluntly say that the purpose for the post was that.

Again, I am not trying to rip you or any one person in specific…

yeah I know everyone makes dumb posts once in a while (or sometimes more often).

Summertime just brings a little dumb postingness to all of us.:smiley:

well, i think over the summer, posting silly things that have nothing to do with FIRST are fine. we’re relaxing, but CD is almost like a big family, so we all want to keep talking. so, with nothing significant to post, we just post whatever comes to our minds. of course, there are some (not many, but more everyday) serious posts, and that’s good. eventually (say three or four weeks) everyone will become more serious, because just about everyone who goes to school will be back in school. with the start of school, that means it’s almost october (yay for halloween! :D), which means it’s almost november (thanksgiving, mmm, turkey), which means it’s almost december (yay, x-mas/chanukah), which means it’s almost january (kickoff, sleepless nights, and lots of pizza, YAY!). so, that means that once school starts for us all, we’ll get more serious. but for now, relax, enjoy the last few weeks of summer, and just have a good time. before you know it, we’ll be up all night yelling at each other about why the robot should look a certain way. :stuck_out_tongue:

You just had to mention school starting didn’t you. Oh well, at least you didn’t forget about kickoff and pizza. I can wait until Jan 4.