This or That 2

Let’s start a new one!

every time you post you have to choose between the two thing’s posted by the previous person and then propose two new similar things for the next person to choose between

here is link to older version if you are curious:

Here is an example incase you do not know what I mean:

player 1:

chocolate cake or vanilla cake?

player two:

chocolate cake

electric guitar or acoustic guitar?

player 3:

acoustic guitar

hot or cold


let’s get this started!!!

Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Trek (but not by much)

Text-based programming, or visual programming?

Flip (but not an option, of course, so I pre-posted it; please carry on)

text-based programming (unless I’m feeling kinda lazy)

Android or Apple?


Food or water?

Water. It’s more important to survive and also has other uses besides drinking.

Hatches or cargo?

@zucker42 water game ? :wink:


boots or sneakers

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boots for sure!

Mentor-based, or Student-only?

Sneakers ( but it depends on what I am doing)

Regional or districts

uh oh there are two for me to answer…

Student-only (let’s not start a huge debate now), districts

Omni or Mecanum

Omni. Just look at my teams 2017 robot that thing was a drift master with omni’s.

Omni. Our struggles during the most recent mechanum year are slowly becoming meme-worthy.

10000 5-lb giraffes, or 1 50000-lb giraffe?

10000 5-lb giraffes. Send 100 to each FRC event and use as game pieces.

White Lithium or Red&Tacky?

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White Lithium

Clockwise or Counterclockwise?


Coke or Pepsi?



“Janky” or “Sketchy”




Tank or swerve?

Meca- dang it. Swerve, I guess.

:slight_smile: or :smiley:


Marvel or DC?