"This" or "That" Game!



Cake ofcourse.
Cake or Death? (anny Eddie Izzard fans here?)


Eddie Izzard or Tottanka?
//sorry, don’t know anyone called Izzard =]


eddie izzard

xp or vista



openoffice or microsoft office?


ive never tried open office… maybe i will, but for now, MSO

grape pop, or red pop?


Red pop

Indy Colts or Indy Pacers :slight_smile:


indy colts!

build season or having a life?


Build season. No contest. (Of course, I’ve never had much of a life anyway…)
Now to think of a question… Hmm… Aha! One relevant to my life (and I’ve already decided, but I want to know if other CDers would choose the same…)

18th birthday party with blood-related family or with team (aka non-blood-related family)?



Chicken Dance @ competition or chill in the stands


Chicken Dance. I was sad when I was at Champs and saw there was no room to dance like there is at the Pacific Northwest events.

Cake or pie?


The cake is a lie so pie.

Rebound Rumble or Aimhigh?


Aim High by a long shot…

Rivets or bolts?



DotA or LoL?



Nerd or geek?


Geek of course!

Android or iPhone OS?


iPhone OS, for sure!

shooter or arm for bridge?



This or That :smiley:


that because it has a smiley face after it

kirk or picard


Picard > Kirk, Original Series > Next generation

Would you rather play: Rebound Rumble vs. FRC 2013 game?



Spock or Data?