This or That: Robotics Edition 2015

Dear CD:
New game for those who are bored.

One person asks “this or that”. This and that should have some relationship to each other and both should be robotics-related.

Then the second person responds with their preference and asks a different “This or that” question.

I will start:

Victor SP or Talon SRX ?
:smiley: good luck :smiley:

I have to go with the Talon SRX.

After using them this year with the closed PID loop, I just can’t imagine using 15 ports on the roboRio for all our sensors. We just connect each sensor to it’s talon and it makes PID control way easier.

It allowed us to use swerve drive for the first year, with a total of 15 sensors on the bot.

I just love how I could use all those PID controlled actuators without having to create a PID subsystem for each one.

It’s also better for the wiring, as we only have 2 wires connected to the Rio : CAN bus

Once you go SRX, you never go back :smiley:

Next question :

Java, C++ or LabView?

More people on our team know Java than C++, so although C++ may be better, using Java lets more people read and write code for our robot. Involving more people is always a nice thing.
Mecanum or Omni?


Swiss Army Robot or One Trick Pony?

Depends where I am. Districts, Swiss Army Robot. CMP, One Trick Pony.

Semi-well executed swerve or super-reliable mecanum?

Reliable. Always reliable. Never not reliable.

Batman or Robin?

Batman, always Batman.

Fisheye or Rectilinear? For streams.

Rectilinear, as long as both lenses have the same viewing angles. In past experience the fisheye lenses on the gopros I use are wide, but the warp of the image is hard to ignore.

Super-Battery-Guzzler-Ultra-Traction 6 CIM Tank Drive or Sub-Compact-Fuel-Efficient-Thin-and-Light 4 CIM drive?

Super-Battery-Guzzler-Ultra-Traction 6 CIM Tank Drive. Just hard to give up that power after driving it :wink:
Mill or lathe?


A robot that only stacks totes from the feeder, or one that only stacks totes from the landfill?

Landfill. There are more HP bots so it will compliment them better.

Student or mentor coach?

Student coach. The students get more experience that way, and that’s what FIRST is about, right?

Talon SR or Victor 888?

Talon SR! Victors are just obnoxious.

Labview or C for programming?


Pizza Hut or Dominos?

If I HAD to choose, the new dominos. (I’d MUCH MUCH MUCH rather have a GOOD pizza from an actual pizzeria though)

Sheet Metal or Tubing?

sheet metal,

way lighter to build a frame and it looks better

simbotics or cheesy poofs?

Cheesy Poofs. NASA House teams, unite! (though we are Stennis Space Center, not Ames)

Andy Baker / Woodie Flowers or Andy Davis / Woody (Toy Story)?

Andy Baker/Woodie Flowers - never seen Toy Story. Let the pitchforks commence.

iOS or Android?


Red alliance or Blue alliance

Blue Alliance. I like being the underdog, and the blue bumpers compliment white powdercoat better IMO.

Windows or Linux? (no Mac OS X option :D)