This or That


This or That. You know the rules.

vB2 … or vB3?






Palm OS or Pocket PC?


Pocket PC

Illustrator or Photoshop?



Hip Hop or Rap??


hip hop

Michael Jordan or Michael Jackson?


8 mile / Michael Jackson


uhmmm…think ya messed up a little…oh well…

8 mile

blue or navy blue?


(IU) Crimson :stuck_out_tongue:

GM or Diamler/Chrysler?



plastic or metal??


Metal (might as well help give this new game a little boost)

Better movie: X-Men or X2?


X2 (Excellent reference on the television to the Beast… did you catch it? But they need to add Gambit. I was a huge Gambit fan as a girl, although Logan married Barbie… it was an epic wedding.)

Billy Joel or Billy Idol?


Billy Joel

pepsi or coke?



insecure or egotistic…??




max payne 1 or max payne 2?

(sigh, both “This or That” and “Word Association”, created by me, have been recreated… what’s up with that? Definitely vb2, Brandon. :P)


Max Payne 2 (I already did this in the older one, but since this is a new thread oh well)

Mr. Potato Head or Mrs. Potato Head?


<off topic>Yep, caught that, and you’ll notice the reference to Gambit right above Magneto’s name when Mystique is searching the database at the prison.</off topic>

Anyhow, as Rhode Island’s official mascot of tourism, I gotta go with Mr. Potato Head.

Segueing from before, who do you want more in a movie, Beast or Gambit?

::big Remy fan right here::


Gambit big time

apathy or ignorance?



:ahh: or :yikes:



Old-school “This or That” or New “This or That”?