This place is great

Wow, this place is great. You guys really did an excellent job on the new forums.

  • Patrick

Oh yeah,
This is a lot better. I hope that this place stays busy up to the 2002 Kickoff.
D.J. F. 45

Not only does it have incredibly advanced features and a great layout, it’s super fast too! Pages load in split seconds. I’m amazed.

I think I should ditch PERL and start learning how to use PHP and SQL. :smiley:

Go Chief Delphi!

hey Chief delphi good job on the new set up, i like it a lot. :smiley:

i love this place
it shows so much inter team relations

I think we all love Chief Delphi.

But WOW this thread is old. :slight_smile:

Like digging up a crypt.

Here’s an “OMG” for good measure…


:slight_smile: Back to the graveyard?

I think Adam Richard’s resurrection was worse :slight_smile:

[Edit] Yeah, It was by 2 days!

why not resurrect a chiefdelphi happiness thread

I get confused with this.
If you create a new thread, CDers suggest you search before you create a thread.
If you resurrect an old thread, CDers comment on this as well.

If the threads have not been locked, then if we search and then resurrect - does this work? As long as we blow the accumulated dust off of the thread before hitting submit?

The former is more like, “Wow! A thread like this was created two days ago! Search before you post!” whereas the latter is more like, “Wow! Old thread! It’s neat that you searched and resurrected this one, instead of starting another!”

I wouldn’t necessarily take, “Wow, this is an old thread!” as criticism. :slight_smile:

We’re not saying it’s a bad thing that it was brought back. Just that Wow, it’s over 4 years old (it’s shy to 5 by like 10 daysish) and it’s a really old thread :).

I wans’t going by responses, but whatever :slight_smile:

So, since this is a thread about chief delphi coolness.

I love Chief Delphi

Thanks Katie.

ty for support on the matter of thread resurrection vs. new threads. looking is good and while searching the antique threads if you find a really cool one ressurecting it can be good for everyone.

Yeah but to much resurrecting isn’t good either. The threads might contain outdated information and cause people to be misled which would cause problems.

How is it that this thread didn’t get archived since it is so old?

That question could be asked about a few others…

That’s kinda what I was wondering!! I did have a fun time reading through it though…

Yay for thread resurrecting!!!