This thread can't go in "Robot Showcase"...

…because our robot isn’t done yet!

422 has been in this boat for each of the last three years, but we have still managed to cobble together a great robot with a combination of dedication and caffeine. There might be some know-how and quick-thinking in there somewhere, but I’ve been wired on Wawa Coffee and Mountain Dew all week.

So to all of the teams out there allowing the cloudy presence of dejection, fear, and anxiety cloud these twilit build meetings, don’t fret! This is the time when your team comes together and makes something you never could do alone. Stay positive, and make sure you and your teammates stay busy!

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I know how you feel… We are still a ways off of having a complete robot. Right now its just some metal pieces bolted and riveted together xD

What our robot is currently:

A rectangle with wheels and 2 motors.

I’ve decided not to detail our team’s progress here, but I have been keeping a daily email journal of our build season. It’s being archived online. The first entry is here.

today the lift finaly went on, but we are having issues with wiring now. its been driving for a week, but only now is the manipulator working.