This Would Be The Best Robot Ever Built!!!

The Best Robot ever built…

Now all we need is the programmer to make it eat some other people

ummmmmmmmmmmmm :yikes:

thats just wrong… grow up

It is perfect if it eats freshman, what are you talking about…hehe

I love it, let’s get started now.
So, first, we need to get the blueprints and patent information from ExplodingDog, then we’ll be all set!


Yet funny… :slight_smile:

Yet non-GP:frowning:

Yet funny…:slight_smile:

Yet against the ideals of FIRST:frowning:

AHHHH I am so torn right now!!! :ahh:

What can I say…this is disturbing and totally what FIRST is NOT about… :confused:

um…your title says engineer…correct???

now i hate the be a buzzkill to this thread, but when you became a mentor there was a part about not holding bias opinions toward students…i dont think this tread and or picture demostrates it very well…
Now, yes there are those occaisional times when students cna become a handful, but saying “this would be the best robot ever built to kill freshman” deffinatly NOT acceptable…
i am sorely ashamed…

Apparently i wasnt quick enough to type this…

I dont care about using it for the tournament, just use it as a…prototype to test a program for the robot. All we have to do is make sure that the only people in the room are some other people.

My god. I am deeply disturbed at the some of the things FIRSTers say.

Someone posts a ridiculous comic obviously intended to be humurous and people respond by saying “it is not GP” or “against the ideals of FIRST”. What the heck?

happy now?

How is a 15 year old an engineer? Please change your team role. It is disrespectful to real engineers for you to say you are one.

You’re making yourself look bad here, I suggest you stop.

This is a forum for FIRST conversations. FIRST is based on morals that are meant to inspire and enrich today’s youth. While I admit, I find this picture a bit funny as shown in my last post, I tend to agree with everyone else that CD is not the place for this kind of picture to be shown.

If the mods of CD share my opinion, then it will be removed.

If they don’t, then it will stay.

None-the-less, your comment about getting mad at someone just for the way they fell about the deep morals for FIRST is out of line.

There are always two sides to a story. Please try to think at least a little about both of them before you post so selfishly.

yeah… thats kinda creepy and random. You know that really annoying and overplayed Black Eyed Peas song- Lets get retarted… that was written for that pic

It’s not even funny… :expressionless:

Ok thats really disturbing…why do people have to post this non-sense? really? things liek that get to me and ■■■■ me off. u all kno wht is right and wrong for wht to say and post on here…so why make stupid posts? can answer that? then dont post at all. if u got nothin right to post then dont post at all. again im a laid back person…but when it comes to these kind of bad post/drawing/pictures that offend others i get pretty mad and take a stand.

Not only is it disrespectful to say you are when you arnt but it is also disrepswectful to calssify yourself as such a positioon then make such a demeaning response towards freshmen as that they should be eatten. I know freshemn can get on your nerves some times but that is just becuase they are so excited to be on the team and get to do stuff. If you channel their excitment/annoyance properly a lot of good can come from freshmen, both in ideas for robots and actually building the robots. PLus freshmen are never so pridful that they will refuse to do “menial tasks” such as filing or cleaning up where as some Seniors feel they are above that sort of stuff yet it is stuff that needs to be done. I have had more problems with prideful upperclassmen then humble and excited freshmen!

I suggest you compare the following quotes. I cannot really find any fundamental differences:

I’m done posting in this thread. I have said all I want to say.

So it was a bad joke, can we get a mod to close the thread or something? Jeez. Calm down.