This year's CAN and older motor controllers.

Our team would like to use CAN this year, but we don’t have any Talon SRX controllers and they appear to be out of stock on Andymark. We do have some of the Jaguar’s with CAN, but we don’t know if they are compatible. The CAN system has been simplified to use only two wires with the simple attachment system that the rest of the wires use. The older CAN devices used RJ-11 connectors. Does anyone know if there are any other sources of the Talon SRX’s or if Andymark is likely to get some more in stock? If not, can we use the Jaguar’s with the current system and if so, how? Finally, what other devices can are available for FIRST teams that can do CAN? Other then the RoboRio, PDP and Talon SRXs, of course.

Thanks for any help.

Brian Utterback
Mentor FRC Team 151

The talons appear as in stock to me.

Additionally, they’re available from VEXpro at

Talon SRXs are in stock at VexPro.

There are instructions for using Jaguars with CAN for the 2015 control system:

As someone who wasn’t intimately involved with it, I want to say that the CAN plugs on the Jaguars might only use the center two pins. Guide which includes CAN wiring instructions. So you probably can still use them, but someone more electrically inclined would be a better information source (I’m ME and CS).

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