THOR 09 - Thundering Herd of Robots 2009

Team 587 The Hedgehogs is hosting a offseason.

THOR - Thundering Herd of Robots
What: An offseason robotics competition playing Lunacy
Where: 500 Orange High School Road, Hillsborough, North Carolina
When: Late June
Cost: $250, $50 discount available for early registrations

THOR will take place in late June in the Orange High School gymnasium. It will be a two day event, but the first is entirely a practice day. The fee to participate is $250, with a $50 discount available to teams that register early.

The link to the website is at

There will be teams from NC there.

If I can talk our team into attending can we bring two robots to compete with. We have a practice bot, also will the robots be put through wieght and size constraints? Sounds like this could be fun if we could get the funds.

I hope you can come, though it seems like a bit of a drive for you. Two 1319’s would be amazing, however!

I don’t see why one team can’t enter two robots, as long as there’s a different drive team for each of them. I could see other teams getting upset, but it seems fair enough. In this case, your team would probably need to register twice, or once for each robot. (Essentially, the registration fee helps our team pay fo the cost of the field. When the team registers, it is reserving a spot on the field for it’s robot.) We will have some sort of inspection, probably just checking for weight, rough sizing, and safety.

One thing so far not mentioned in this thread is the date. Our team is currently working on this, but have pretty much narrowed it down to one of two dates: June 20th or June 27th. We are leaning towards the 27th, because “Hog Day” occurs on the 19th and 20th. “Hog Day” brings in lots of people, but also makes traffic a mess around downtown Hillsborough. We should have a confirmed date within the next week. This thread and will be updated as soon as we reach a decision.

THOR will be held on June 27th.

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Team 2655 has a meeting tomorrow, I’ll bring this up

I’m pretty sure the Platypi are attending:D

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but our team has decided that THOR won’t work out for us this year. I have no idea why our team decided this, but they want to postpone it until next year. Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger!

EDIT: “The final decision is that, due to the school system’s policy change for building use over the summer, we will cancel THOR this year.” -Mrs Daye, Team Coach

Basically, we cannot use the gyms at our high school on weekends, and there is no other nearby venue.