THOR 1 & 2 Off-Season Events

FIRST NC will be holding the first two of their five off-season events this weekend, July 17 and 18. THOR 1 and THOR 2 (Thundering Herd of Robots) will be held at Raleigh’s Dorton Arena at the State Fairgrounds. Spectators are welcome and encouraged to follow CDC guidelines for Covid-19 precautions. Those unable to attend can view the live-stream of the event on FIRST NC’s Twitch channel.

The following schedule will be followed for both days of competition:
7:00 am - Team Load-in/Check-in
9:30 am - Drivers Meeting on the field
10:00 am - Opening/Welcome
10:15 am to 1:00 pm - Qualification Matches
1:00 pm to 1:30 pm - Lunch Break
1:30 pm to 4 pm - Qualification Matches
4 pm - Alliance Selections
4:30 pm - Play-off and Finals
6:00 pm - Awards
6:15 pm - Load-out/Clean up

Participating teams for THOR 1 (July 17) are:

435 Robodogs
587 Hedgehogs
1533 Triple Strange
2642 Pitt Pirates
2682 Boneyard Robotics
3336 Zimanators
3459 Team PyroTech (A and B Teams)
3737 Roto-Raptors
4795 EastBots
4829 Titanium Tigers
5511 Cortechs Robotics
6214 PHEnix

Participating teams for THOR 2 (July 18) are:

435 Robodogs
1533 Triple Strange
2655 Flying Platypi
3196 Team SPORK
3737 Roto-Raptors
4829 Titanium Tigers
4935 T-Rex
5190 Green Hope Falcons
6004 f(x) Robotics
7443 Overhills Jag-Wires
7890 SeQuEnCe
8090 Mavnesium

Come on down and join us at Dorton Arena or tune in on Twitch and cheer on your favorite NC teams.


A huge thanks to all the volunteers and other teams – it was great to attend an event and everyone had a fantastic time!

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Out of curiosity, does anyone have elimination alliances and results for either day? Couldn’t find a VOD or archived stream.

This was the finals on Sunday – Blue won but went to the tiebreaker.

For some reason, FIRST NC hasn’t added any data to the Blue Alliance listing for these events and the Twitch streams don’t seem to have been retained on Twitch or posted to YouTube. I’m going to try and see what happened with that and hopefully we can get the full match, alliance, playoff, and video information posted. My own team did very well at THOR 1 (captained the #2 alliance, the best we’ve ever done at an event) and would love to have this immortalized on Blue Alliance.

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