THOR Off-Season Event Registration Now Open

FIRST North Carolina is pleased to announce that registration for the three THOR (Thundering Herd of Robots) off-season events is now open to all teams. THOR is now in it’s 8th season as a premier off-season competition in the southeast. This year, there will be three one-day events, each hosting 24 FRC teams at two locations. We will be playing the Rapid React game from the 2022 season. The three THOR events for 2022 are:

THOR 1 - September 24, 2022 - Mountain Island Charter School, Mount Holly NC - hosted by FRC 6894 Iced Java

THOR 2 - September 25, 2022 - Mountain Island Charter School, Mount Holly NC - hosted by FRC 6894 Iced Java

THOR 3 - October 15, 2022 - Chapel Hill High School, Chapel Hill NC - hosted by FRC 4829 Titanium Tigers

THOR Team Registration NOW OPEN to any FRC team. Register here.

THOR started in 2013 thanks to the amazing initiative and hard work of 4 FRC teams:
FRC 587 - The Hedgehogs from Hillsborough
FRC 2059 - Hitchhikers from Raleigh
FRC 2640 - HotBotz from Reidsville
FRC 3196 - Team SPORK from Mooresville

Thanks to their vision and dedication, we have had 8 amazing and exciting THOR seasons. Beginning in 2016, THOR began to add more teams to the collaboration allowing us to expand the reach and growth of FIRST in the state and the southeast.

All teams from inside and outside North Carolina are welcome and encouraged to register. Registration is capped at 24 teams per event, with second robot registrations only allowed if the event is not filled by August 15th. Registration will be $500 by check, $550 by credit card. 2nd year teams (rookies in 2022) can register for $150 by check, $175 by credit card. Pre-rookie teams (2023 rookies) can register for free! B-team (second robot) registrations will be allowed after August 15th and will be $300 by check, $350 by credit card.

We hope to see your team at THOR this year!


@Strategic - Will THOR 3 this Saturday be open to the public?

Yes! Both THOR 3 on Saturday and our Sunday event (Doyenne Inspiration, the all-girls event) are open to the public and spectators are welcome.