thoughs on this years game

I wanted to get a good grip on the game before i made a post like this. There are things i like in this game and ones i dislike. I want to know how other people feel about the way game is designed.


  1. As much of a pain as it is to figure out how to pick up, i love the big ball. Its so big it makes teams have to do things they never done before.

2: i like the fact that first is pushing the use of a new sensor. It is making the kids think differently and they can’t just go back to older code and modify it to make it work

3: I like the way the scoring system is. it will keep the score close but teams will be able to swing a game if they do well in the hybrid mode, or if they master a way of scoring (over or under the bar).


1: Hybrid mode i am still out to lunch on this one. I like the fact the human player (robo coach) has a more crucial role this year, but i need to see it play out before i pass judgement on it.


1: This is not my favorite game that first has come up with, because it’s more about exacution then stratigy. i perfer the 2006 game which was played more like a chess match. It seems to be who will make the first mistake instead of who will score first.

  1. This year there is no way to come to the field with just two alliance partners and have a good shot of winning, due to the fact of almost no defense in the game.

I think overall this is a good game. I also like how the gdc is updating the rules asap to fix minor errors that effect game design.

I agree i think it is a great game with some a nice movement or introduction into the new systems next season.

but i really like the racing around and the over pass tricky yet simple

I like the fact that this game allows teams to choose how much they want to challenge themselves.
Driving around the track is a simple task that rookies should be able to tackle. Having a way to herd the balls over the finish line is the next step up. Hurdling is a challenge, mainly because of the size of the ball. The the teams who really want to go above and beyond will implement the hybrid control.
This way, every team, rookie or vet, has a good chance to score points and to challenge themselves.

I think we just have not put a lot of thought yet into the many ways to play defense this year…

how do you slow down an alliance with two great hurdlers? maybe herd their balls slowly across their goal?

Should be fun! maybe someone will make a video Overdrive game so we can have some virtual play…

My goodness what a popular thread topic!