Thought of Something Funny

If you are traveling to an event with your OI board you might get some looks on the plane or in the airport. Some people might even ask you about it. Just tell them “Well how else am I supposed to fly the plane?”

Disclaimer: I do not recommend or hold responsibility for the above mentioned actions. It is purely your own fault if you get in trouble if you do this.

Hmmm lets see… can you say? bad idea… :smiley:

Then those people you talk to go around telling everyone what they saw and by the time it reaches x amount of people its turned into…“I saw this guy… he had this controller thingy that he said he was gonna control the plane w/… he’s a terriost thats gonna take over the plane and fly it… yadda yadda yadda…” You get the point…

It would be funny though…


NAh! if anyone asks you why are you carrying those controls around tell them

Im a Control Freak!