Thoughts about the new FTC challenge?

The 2011 FTC challenge looks pretty interesting to say the least, does anybody have any thoughts about it?

after watching i immediatly emailed our mentor and warned him the team would probably be commiting suicide this year. :smiley:

I’m really excited but scared. Although it looks like just a harder version of the 2008 game

Hmm it did remind me a little of the 2008 because of the way the goal has different scoring tiers. I think the tubes are going to make things a little bit more complicated, but somebody will find a way to deal with that.

actually I was thinking that the bucket we used in 08 would work for this the exact same way, only problem is we would only be able to get the points of dropping the batons onto the rough surface.

This game has a lot going on. There are a billion and one ways to score, and I think that the team that best figures out how to optimize the ending bonuses will show their dominance.

As far as the challenge is concerned, it seems simple enough. You create a slotted intake that rotates. It can suck up tubes and score them easily as well. The harder parts are:

  1. Balancing. You have to specifically balance on the bridges…which makes it much tougher than simply parking yourself up there. Gyro anyone?

  2. Detecting the weighted tube. The weighted tube is a whopping number of points, but you can’t tell where it is. Either your drivers are going to have to do a visual inspection of each tube before you score it, or there’ll be a better way to figure out which one is weighted. I think this weighted ones will make all the difference.

I felt like last year’s game immediately sung to me, and I really liked it. This year’s game as a bit of an acquired taste, but I can’t wait to see what people come up with.

i was thinking of using a compass sensor to detect which one has a magnet in it

That’s a good idea, but how do you test it? Do you pop each ring in front of the sensor? I’m not sure how sensitive that sensor is…so…it might work. 1:01 in the video is a little bit like my idea… well this whole video is like my idea

I was thinking compass sensor as well, have a motor sitting on top of your robot always pointing north, then if that thing suddenly swings around on you when you pick up a baton, then you have it. You would have to place the compass sensor very close to the batons though.

I love how it’s not a “one task wonder”, but it seems really, really complex and very hard to follow. Batons are interesting game pieces and the large number of them and the goals are interesting, but I couldn’t count the number of secondary scoring objectives on one hand, for autonomous alone.

I was reading through the manual at the local kick off and there is a rule that states that you can have no more than 5 battons at a time its a 5 point penelaty for each baton after your fifth so thats going to be a big game changer.

My only advice to teams now is “the answer is simple!”. Don’t think I know it, but with challenges like this remember that the best robots are the simplest and most reliable.

Good Luck Everyone!

That makes the game a lot less interesting in my opinion. I would have liked to see the “mass of batons” versus “magnetic / precision batons” tradeoff.

Have fun building wrist jointed robot arms, I guess.

alright so i have found an issue in the rule book and i wonder if this seems right to you guys…

on pg. 10, under game definitions (2.3) the definition of Possess / Possessing a Baton reads as follows:

“A robot is said to be Possessing a Baton if any part of the Baton is in
contact with the robot.

this implies that if the robot is driving over a baton, it will count as being possessed therefore pushing a team over the maximum of 5 possessed batons, causing a 5 point penalty PER BATON IT DRIVES OVER. This is because to me it seems as if a robot that is driving over a baton therefore is in contact with the baton. Any thoughts?

Why not use a magnetic sensorin your baton manipulator;)

Check out FRC 2001
I think this was the last time I saw this balancing act

Not many FRC robots at that time had an automatic leveling routine which was likely the result of the BasicStamp based CPU and not having COTS items such as an accelerometer/tilt sensor.:ahh:
Now you can make robots that know which way is up! The HiTechnic Accelerometer / TiltSensor measures acceleration in three axes. It also measures tilt along each axis. <snip>This sensor will also tell you if your robot is level so you can build self-leveling robots and much more.

I was unaware that one existed from HiTechnic, but that sounds much easier :smiley: thanks.

And that rule may be something you want to bring up with FIRST, they’re bound to revise that rule if they find it.

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Keep in mind in FTC you’re standing 6 inches from the robots. You could just drive the tubes over to where you’re standing and look if you can’t get the magnetic sensor to work as intended.