Thoughts Before the Championship

The Woodie Flowers essays are what have triggered this post.
As we pack and ready for travel to compete - my thoughts have been about the incredible people that are involved.
The team members that aren’t packing for Atlanta but wish they were.
The college students that are piecing it together academically and financially so they can continue mentoring and sharing their gifts.
Mentors and teachers who continue to help with the teams’ homework assignment from Dean.
The teams that are coming from across the pond, some for the 3rd time this competition season. That gives me pause - tools, equipment, the robot, travel arrangements, climate and dietary changes. Something as simple as the differences in tea bags.
The good people that we have lost this year. Their spirit is with us but we miss them.
The incredible efforts and struggles of the rookie teams and some of our older teams trying to hold on, maintain, rebuild.
Some of the Woodie Flowers essays are posted in our Thanks and Congrats section along with threads of support and cheer for FIRSTers. I was reading through them and that’s what got this started. Maybe others have thoughts as well.

The thought that 9,000+ students from around the world are united towards one common goal; make the world a better place to live. Race, religion, and cultural differences will be set aside and for 3 days we’ll become the biggest family on the planet.

New friendships will be forged, old Friends will reunite, buttons and trinkets will be given out, and everyone walks away with unforgettable memories of a truly unique event.

We are all going to be like that family. With one big fight for the championship, and it’s going to be like who gets the drumstick off the turkey at thanksgiving. I wish I was going, but I’m not. Web casting and NASA TV are my only joy for next weekend, along with being done with my second semester of college. :smiley:

One of my problems, besides not going, is that I feel like the season is done. But I keep telling myself it’s not. I will be cheering my heart out whenever I see my team and especially during the finals.

LOL! maybe we can blow the roof off the dome!