Thoughts on a vacuum suction intake?


Thanks for sharing the video demonstration above. Is there anyone that has proof of concept when it comes to using vacuum on the ball? Thanks


I haven’t seen many try on the ball, we didn’t bc we have a very fast wheeled intake. Generally though I don’t think it would work very well because the balls are quite textured and rounded, so it would be difficult to pull a consistent vaccum, also the vaccum won’t be able to suck the ball in from any appreciable distance, so lining it up just right would be difficult


The vacuum was one of our first ideas. Seeing that the idea of it might not be practical, we need to find an alternative. A wheeled intake seems like a viable backup or switch to primary design. What types of motors did you find best for the ball intake?


You can make any type of. Motor work for an intake, but most teams use bag motors or 775s with veraplanetaries, or a similar product in their intakes due to their high power to weight ratio, I would run some calculations using the jvn calculator, or some basic tests to see what is most viable for your solution has all the technical data you could need to make a decision, except for neo motors, testing data on those can be found through rev robotics


If you’re looking for an example of a vacuum intake, 5937 did one last year. I can’t help you with the specifics, but there’s match videos available on The Blue Alliance.