Thoughts on this company, have you had any experience with their product?


We are on our second set (ok, technically l, we’re still on the first but we needed some spares too).

They are great. Got them to me pretty quickly with USPS shipping and we ran our first set at Houston to great effect.


Did they hold up better than the black tread? Do they provide better grip? Are they non-marring?

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They are colsons. For us, they have barely worn. They do seem to hold up well. They work a lot better on polycarbonate and plastic surfaces.


Looks like you can only pay with PayPal?

Yes. Small business. PayPal lets you add credit cards though.

That’s too bad.
Still probably going to buy some though.

But instead of putting a purchase order in through the school district, I will probably have to use my own PayPal and hope to get reimbursed.


I don’t know how old the company, supplier, or whatever they are is, but that domain is pretty recent, which makes me want to know more of what Marshall was doing more than 3 days ago tbh.

Edit: registered in Toronto, although I do not know what that means in real world terms. Google maps returns some condos and a carpet factory near there.

These data are publicly available.

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Huh? What are you on about?

This isn’t my business. I’m purely a customer. Prior to being a customer of the site recently, we were able to procure them as a favor/horse trading for swerve module parts.

I do know who it is. I’m sure they’ll share that info in time or it will come out - they are good people. They might be busy tonight for all I know though.


Lol before I looked at the register details I was half expecting them to be in NC.

You are in the clear on this one marshall :wink:

Still waiting on my COTS raspberry pi with integrated battery and case. :grin:

Good to know they ship with USPS. Their website does list a lead time which is nice. Interested to see if they pull a thrifty bot in the after market swerve space.


Look… detective… all you needed to do was go look at Discord:



I think there’s about $50 in materials here in a set of 4, if that. At a $200 price point, you’re figuring about 2 hours of shop time to make the set. That may check out for a small operation. I would have loved to see this closer to the $120/set price point, but would probably require some decent volumes to get there.

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Gross, discord. XD

Not surprised in hindsight though.


I still am hedging my bets on AIM returning .


No 4 digit or 5 digit ICQ number?


Before my time.

Careful, you may date yourself :wink:


I know Robojackets had Colsons on their bot in the behind the bumpers I saw during the season. Whether they are the same as these I don’t know

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Since it was registered with domain privacy, you can’t infer anything from the Whois location. My domain shows location in Iceland.


708 also machined Colson wheels for their SDS modules in 2023. I don’t know the exact time per wheel spent, but I was around their shop one of the evenings they were working on them. It certainly took a lot more than 2 man hours. Now, could the process be improved as they learned to make more? Sure. But I wouldn’t underestimate how much time and how many non-obvious operations it takes to turn a Colson wheel on a lathe, both for the hub and for the recessed bevel gear.

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After making out won colson hubs for SDS modules I’d gladly pay $50 per wheel. Our approach was a little different than this due to our machining capabilities. But I’d 100% make our own colsons hubs again over putting tread on wheels.

Gotta see if I can dig any pics up.

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