Thoughts on Chief Delphi transitioning to Discourse?

I for one am in favor of this change as I feel that the forum was lacking many, if not most, features expected of forums in the year 2015. I also hope that this is signaling of more moderation in the forums. Any other thoughts?

Here are some threads that were started right when the switch happened earlier this year

I’m a fan of the transition HOWEVER I’d change two things:

Add an ongoing thread dedicated to pictures only, with no text responses. People can post whatever they want, it’s just a stream of eye candy.

And an accompanying thread dedicated to discussion revolving around that thread. Responses to individual photos can easily be linked from different threads using discourse.


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I think the new forum is much smoother and user friendly, but I really miss the old Chief Delphi.


I think it’s a great replacement. I wish some old links still worked. I have some whitepaper links that don’t work anymore.

I think it’s a nice up-to-date improvement.

Bonus: I love how it doesn’t ask me to download Tapatalk every time I visit the site with my phone


I done did it.


Honestly, I think the switch was for the better. Could just be confirmation bias, but I tend to see younger students posting here more since the switch, possibly because of the new, more user friendly UI, as opposed to the old version where I saw mostly alumni and mentors posting.


I’m glad that the old “trustworthiness” rating for users or whatever it was called is gone.

Felt like it made the place pretty uptight.

For any links that don’t work, either report them in the topic Broken Links, or flag the specific post, and choose the option “something else”.

Personally I would recommend flagging because you get a nice shiny badge for doing so.

I dislike how the new forum looks and feels more like a chat room than a forum, and that we seem to be treating it more like a chat room than a forum.


After 4 months of use, Discourse is much better IMO. Accessing via phone is easier, dark mode is awesome, and you aren’t pre-judged by your rep bar.


I miss how you could see the team, team role, rookie year and other info from the old CD. While that info is pretty much 1 to 2 clicks away, it was cool to know who you were talking to.


Same with the signatures. I miss seeing those below the post, it was a cool way to show off some accomplishments


I judge you by how many smiles your posts get now.


What happened to the “Quote of the Day” / “Spotlight” thing at the top of the page? It was always fun to follow the link to spotlighted posts and see all the hilarious stuff people had posted in the last few days (and which had been noticed, summarized, and curated by other users).

Is there a feature like that in Discourse?

edit: also what happened to all my rep :sob:

Going to close this as this topic has a few other threads, as pointed out.