Thoughts on Defense

So my thoughts on defense this year are that it is completely possible to be a strong team that plays defense especially if you specialize in something specific like climbing. I have seen people say there is a lot of room to move around and therefore defense won’t be as viable but with that in mind a lot of the same people are saying that they are going to build mechanum. With this fact in mind do people think that tank drive defense on a climbing specialist robot is viable?

Absolutely. Anything to extend cycles helps. Many shots on the field teams will need to get to a spot. Defender can make that difficult and intake easy cargo from that team.

The defense will be greater on robots built for high hub goals. It is well worth bumping a robot shooting high goal as their cycle times are already high, missing a shot is detrimental. I can even see robots that are not defensive bumping an opportunity while doing their own cycles.

Missing a high goal not only means a missed point but a turbulent ball that can’t be controlled until it settles.


Plus, low shot bot causing a high shot to miss makes it’s low goal more valuable

Where’s @Mecanum_Wheel when you need them!

A defensive specialist that can climb is certainly a viable design for this game. It’s likely that playoff alliance will have at least one defensive robot on them.


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