Thoughts on Design from an English Teacher

There’s a new A.C.E blog post!

With Kickoff coming up quickly, I’ve been thinking about my own contribution toward robot design and build. As an English teacher this process sometimes leaves me lost, and my engineer buddies definitely have laughed more than once at my crazy ideas!

Check out the blog entry and leave some comments here or on the blog. Whichever you prefer.

During Build Season, while y’all build robots Renee and I will be busy helping teams with everything organization. Please don’t hesitate to send me a note if you want help particularly with your awards submissions.

I know a couple of English teachers that have done pretty well at this robot thing :wink: … thanks for sharing!

This brings back memories for me. That same year I had a freshman girl say we should some how throw the ball over the goal. Well being a much smarter grizzled veteran I told her that wouldn’t be possible. Well fast forward six weeks and look what happened. She still reminds me of it

I now share that story before every brainstorming strategy session every year to remind myself and the team that no idea is stupid and every possibility should be concidered.