Thoughts on how 2020 FRC game is playing out at ISR events?

After looking at a fair share of matches from the first ISR event, I’ve come to some conclusions about how this game is playing out (at least at the beginning of the season). Some of these conclusions are as follows:

NO WHEEL OF FORTUNE ACTION. - From the 15ish matches I watched, not a SINGLE POINT was scored on BOTH ALLIANCES with the wheel of fortune, which obviously means no RP was gained by shooting balls, either.

CLIMBING IS BIG IMPORTANT - Coming from the realms of criminally under-using the wheel of fortune, this means that the climbing RP is your best bet for a RP during matches, significantly skewing the value of climbing for your alliance. As it stands, a bot that can only wheel of fortune/climb consistently (with enough luck) can place higher than the most accurate shooter on the field that can only park low-level.

DEFENSE - Strong robots push around weak robots trying to shoot from a non-protected zone. This gives those who can shoot from the trench a big advantage. This is generally how it was predicted at launch, but just the extent of defense I’ve seen come into play is more than what I expected (coming from a robot who could pretty much only defend last year, that’s surprising).

Anyways, what have you guys seen in regards to how this year’s FRC game is playing out? Let me know!


I would argue it’s very hard to draw definitive conclusions about how this game will play out from a small week 1 event.

With that said, this game seemed to be what most people thought it was. Climbs are important, autonomous is important, and the Control Panel won’t be important for most teams in most matches.

The most interesting part of ISR to me was seeing the impact of the positive feedback loop in action.


Ignorant question - which positive feedback loop?

Might be the one where you get enough PCs to the other side of the field, that as you score them, they come back onto the field, you pick them up and score them again, etc, and win.

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