Thoughts on Optical Center Punches

My finger has been hovering over the checkout button on one of these optical center punches. From my research it seems like this is a tool a lot of teams should have, especially one like mine where a lot of work is done by scribing lines, center punching, and drilling holes. Has anyone had any experience with optical center punches and if so are they good for the type of work done in FRC? Also is it worth it to buy a more expensive set or is the cheap Grizzly set adeqate?

I’ve generally had good luck with Grizzly products, having everything from their metrology sets to their large machines. The only thing I would be wary of, especially with those center punches, is to just be sure whoever is using it knows what they’re doing. But overall, I’d go for it, its a good deal.

We have one and it is pretty nice to know it is dead on accurate to your scribed lines. That being said, it is very user dependent. You have to hold it perfectly still while you switch from the sight glass to the punch otherwise it misses. We managed to make a prototype gearbox work using an autocad drawing glued to a piece of aluminum and it works fairly well with no issues so far.

So as long as you have a steady hand, it’s great

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