threaded rod fasteners...

Posted by Anton Abaya at 2/3/2001 4:50 PM EST

Coach on team #419, Rambots, from UMass Boston / BC High and NONE AT THE MOMENT! :(.

say we bought a threaded rod thats not on the additional hardware list but actually used it as a fastener (which is unlimited in all forms) in the additional parts list…

can we use it?


Posted by Josh Vetter at 2/3/2001 9:51 PM EST

Student on team #548, Robostangs, from Northville High School and BOSCH.

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Posted by Anton Abaya on 2/3/2001 4:50 PM EST:

I asked FIRST the same question awhile ago, and they said threaded rod is considered a fastener, so you are allowed to use as much of it as you want, in any sizes.
Josh Vetter

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