threaded rod?

if we have threaded rod and we sand the threads off all of it except maybe 2 inches, is it still considered threaded rod?

As long as you get the legal size threaded rod, you can do any modification to it.

So that would work. Besides, you are allowed to use metal rod too.

no no no… i mean, if we have say 32 inches of threaded rod on our bot, but we only need like 2 inches of that rod to be threaded, if we file off the threads on most of the rod, will we get past the 20 inches of threaded rod restriction? or will they say that it’s still threaded rod because it has threads on it somewhere?:confused: :confused:

If you buy an illegal threaded rod (because it is bigger then 20") then it is still an illegal threaded rod after modification.

You may be able to get a longer threaded rod from SPI, which would be legal.

:frowning: we have a rod that we only need about 2 inches threaded(we’re using it for structure)… i guess we’ll have to use another peice of 80/20 :frowning: DANG!