Three cheers for Dean Kamen and the Segway

Check out this article I read on CNN.

I just finished up a run at work and looked at and as soon as I saw the headline I rushed to CD to make a thread about it and I was beaten by less then 10 minutes. I guess good news travels fast.
Great article.

I’ve been waiting to see who was going to post.
It looks like we are starting to see some of the potential of the Segway in ways that can change lives and make a significant impact.

(Running back and forth between the queuing box and the Franklin pits at the Championship made me think that would have been the perfect job for a queuer on a Segway. Edison - not so much. :D)

actually there was another thread about this that beat this one by a couple mins.

Ok, I’m going to be completely blunt.

I love alot of the things Kamen has made. However, when I heard about the Segway…I had a question. What is it good for? How is this going to help anyone? It seemed like one of those inventions which are really cool with the science, but lacked the tangeable use. Now, I’m glad to see I’m wrong. This is definately a good use of an awesome technology.

I started seeing opportunities for the Segway when policemen began using them in areas that seemed appropriate, such as malls and downtown where there is a lot of traffic congestion - vehicles and pedestrians.

Many years ago, I had a good friend who was often restricted in what she could do because of the disease, Lupus. She was an animal photographer and specialized in outdoor photo shoots. The Segway would have made a huge impact on her livelihood, her mobility, and her happiness. I’ve often thought of that.

I guess since this is the more active thread I’ll post here.

Well, I’ve got to say the first time I heard of the Segway was in that song “White and Nerdy” by Weird Al.

“They see me roll on my Segway and I know in their hearts they think im white and nerdy!..”

I’ve always thought it useful, but I never thought it could be a replacement for the wheel chair.

Once it gets out there, it’s kind of like - well, what - else - can it do? That’s the wonder of the continual discoveries and developments in science and technology and why they are so important. We often find that the limits that are imposed aren’t really there, they are a creation of our own biased or limited thinking.

(I’m waiting to see an opera performance using Segways as part of the transport or props - the musical/theatrical world could really take off with these things, it just takes someone who can think outside the self-imposed box to imagine, create, and implement.)

So I just kinda took this for granted and blew it off as a small idea. I joked a few weeks back about how if I lost my legs, I would get a Segway and it would be amazing.

That’s weird…


First of all, ditto; and good to hear, too.

We must thank the people at DRAFT for their hard work and dedication for the Seg 4 Vets program, and all the freedoms they have broken through for all individuals with disabilities.

I just wish that there were some way that I could be sure that stories like mine were heard by Dean. If it weren’t for my Segway, I would of never attended college, let alone completed my degree at one of the largest Universities in the nation. I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for Dean not only for FIRST, but also because of how the Segway has impacted my life.

In the interest of full disclosure, however, DEKA is not directly working with this program.

From the article:

The manufacturer, cautious that the machine is not certified as a medical device, has not been directly involved in the campaign, which is supported by donations.