Three more sleeps!

When my boys were very young we used to measure time in sleeps. Days were a concept they didn’t grasp well.

Well now we are down to three more sleeps but for me sleep is coming very hard. Its worse than waiting for Christmas.

Anyone else having problems sleeping?

Thursday morning can’t come soon enough!

Any everyone must post more to help pass the time, pretty please.

I remember counting “sleeps” with my daughter. Actually it was just last year. For our team, the budget is very limited and we can only attend our local regional which is 31 more SLEEPS. At least we’ll get to hear about some different strategies and scores before we have to compete.

Good luck everyone.

Just two more sleeps for me. :yikes:

I’ll be at the arena first thing Wednesday morning, to start getting the field ready. I’ve already got visions, of road cases and robot crates, dancing in my head at night.

I am about 390 more “Sleeps”, and it’s driving me buggy!!
My team will be attending the Davis Regional, but I will be in Hawaii on vacation with my family. (I know, Boo Hoo, poor me :slight_smile: :slight_smile: )

What is driving me nuts is that we never fully got our killer Autonomous running. We believe we found out why, but can not prove it until Thursday at the Regional. Being that I lead the programming team, I feel responsible to have it working, but I will not be there.:mad: Fortunately, on of our newest Mentors worked with me extensively the last week and knows the code pretty well. I can only hope and pray that he will be able to cover for me, and I trust he can.
The bottom line is, even without Autonomous, our robot works really well and we already consider this a successful season. (Compare it to last year, our Rookie year, and you will see why.)

From now on, “Sleeps” is what im going to use. That’s awesome. But Im really looking forward to FLR in 10 sleeps but Midwest and NJ will be fun to watch on Friday/Sat(and maybe Thursday) so that will hold me over.

most of the regionals are ON my sleep time.
that doesn’t mean i won’t be watching though :stuck_out_tongue:
i’ve got a huge exam on friday, so i will not watch practice day (yea, right. Watching practice day of Midwest>>>any exam)

I always have trouble sleeping before robotic events. It makes me feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas.

I have a hard time sleeping before the competitions. But I know that I have to or I will not be really into the competition, because I will be sleeping in the stands. But yeah I can’t wait for thursday.

Another rough night last night. It also didn’t help that my wife was snoring.

Two more to go.

Try ear plugs.

I’m actually thinking of giving them to the drivers too. This is my rookie year but I’ve heard it gets very loud down on the playing field. Ear plugs might help with the distraction of all the noise.

Don’t, communication is critical on the field. Yes it is loud but you are standing right there with them. Being able to give them instructions in a calm voice really helps keep them focused.

While ear plugs might help, they can also be very detrimental in that they stop you from hearing your coach and your alliance partners…a verrrry bad thing :].

I find that earplugs only reduce ambient noise, helping you hear important things. I don’t use them at competitions because I’m not stage crew, but I can certainly get behind using earplugs to block the music and the cheering.

Only one more school day for me. woot.

i used to count time in sleeps.

but how long is the last week of build season in sleeps?


Ahh yes, only two more sleeps! I can’t wait for regionals. So much ahead. I wont be getting much sleeping done wednesday into thursday, especially because I have to wake up at the crack of dawn (4:30 ish in the AM to be precise) lol. But we always have fun! Can’t wait to see what happens! Good Luck to all and have fun! :slight_smile:

I probably will not sleep tommorow becauase I will be that excited to get to Jersey.

Still 7 sleeps, but a sleep would be about 3 hours long.

Only 1 more sleep till I leave for NJ.