Three Motor Swerve Module

It is coming along quite nicely :slight_smile:


You might want to buy the mineral rights below the venue just in case you hit oil when those things drill down through the floor.


ITS DONE!! Well V1.0ish that is. Had to modify the gearing a little bit because the main driving pulley was rubbing up against the steering pulley. Re-printed a smaller middle drive pulley so that constituted different belts so on and so forth. Another point of issue would be flex in the plates, but I’m working on a fix for that.



I was bored waiting for Champs to start…

So I did this in like an hour-ish…

  • It’s just a modified top plate to the MK4i that allows another Falcon to be slotted in that drives the same gear as the primary drive Falcon.
  • Theres no changes to the ratio so it kinda defeats the purpose of adding more power, but hey it exists now…

Link to CAD:


Love it. I think more and more teams will do something similar in open-field games. A little overkill but doesn’t the i in MK4i stand for incredibly OP.

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The ground clearance on those Falcons is a bit terrifying to me. For actual game-play, if your robot goes over something it’s not supposed to (cable protector, another robot, field debris, a cone that doesn’t like pushy-pushy, what-have-you), you might end up with some interesting lateral forces on those poor little fellas.

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Yea… there’s a lot that isn’t optimal about the first iteration of the module. I think using the MK4i for the second iteration should solve this… I’m currently looking to re-CAD the three motor MK4i plate to have all of the motors inverted… but we shall see

Of course, not having your motors inverted means your modules are taller, so they’re in the way of upper mechanical mechanisms…

Ahhh, trade-offs.

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what about changing the gears to L1 than you can have the L1 speed with a heavy robot plus you don’t need to do a lot more moding

Yeah, that’s probably the most optimal way to run it without a bunch of geometry changes.

Hightide did something like this Upgrade Swerve MK4i Increase acceleration and speed w 2X drive motors - #6 by Pompano

I think 148 made a 3-motor swerve module in 2021

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So did 1619 and 1678 in 2021

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1678 uses 3 motor swerve this year?


could 3-motor differential swerve be possible?

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So you can do that but you would either need some extremely complex mechanism to somehow accept 3 motors on the same differential, or you would have two motors that work against a single motor so it would be worthless.

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some extremely complex mechanism

Challenge accepted :slightly_smiling_face:

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No in 2021. Sorry for not clarifying I’ll edit

I mean anything is possible given enough time and effort haha…

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“Our robot has the power of six horses, the speed of twelve falcons, and the complexity of a high-school relationship”