Three Red Cards in 15 seconds -- Lake Superior Regional

Hello CD! My team (2470) failed at its first autonomous program earlier this year and I thought I would post it for the CD community as a reminder that everyone makes mistakes! :slight_smile:

Makes me really appreciate having time to test autonomous modes on the practice field or in the pit before using it in a match.

Awesome! We got a red card during a practice game for driving into an ubertube in our own lane, at which point it popped over the lane divider, bounced once, and scored on the low peg of our opponents’ rack…

Hooray for practice matches!

I love the amount of magic involved in robotics.

The autonomous for my team keeps getting faster and faster. (at the finals of the St. Louis regional it nearly slammed itself into the wall.) We think we know what the problem is, so I’ll end up having to solve it sometime soon.

Crossing the center line is only a penalty (<G11>). It does not appear that the robot hit the red robot while in the zone, which is also only a penalty (<G32>). There’s no rule about touching other robots, even during autonomous mode.

So that’s a maximum of one red card, unless the video description was incorrect.

First of all, <G11> “Breaking the center line during autonomous” is only a penalty.

<G32> is a penalty for going into the zone, but red card for contacting other alliance in the zone while trying to play the game.

I want to know how you got 3 red cards? :confused: …

I love how the autonomous actually kinda works… I’m guessing a range finder. But its awesome how it splits the D and makes it to the rack :slight_smile:

You didn’t deserve three red cards, you deserved a trophy for some how doing the impossible.

I remember this match. Definitely felt bad for you guys. I don’t think you actually received three red cards though. Penalties yes, one red card yes.

A good lesson to learn though! Always test out autonomous first!

For those who are discussing the penalties- Crossing the center line (<G11>), and contact with another robot int heir zone while placing a tube (red card, <G32>).
I can’t for the life of me remember the third, though they may have split the last one into entering the opponent’s zone and interfering with tube placement.

We did somewhat the same thing in WI but it was during qualification matches. :eek:

Man thats terrible. Ive never seen anything like that before.

The best part of this match is at :30 in the video. The human player scores a white circle unassisted on the opposite side of the field.

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You really shouldn’t get any penalties if you have the intention of scoring for the opposing alliance. I mean if you want to help your qualifying and you have a high score and your opponents have a low score, it be nice to show some gracious professionalism for the opposing alliance. You should have really been given a blue banner for achieving the opposite :D.

I can’t believe I missed that! That is incredible.


Again, robotics involves too much magic.