Three Years Without Woodie

Today sadly marks three years since the world lost Dr. Woodie Flowers. FIRST commemorated the anniversary earlier today in various social media posts, but I had not seen it yet mentioned here on CD.

This coming year will mark a notable turning point. For the first time ever, almost all FRC students will have not been in high school during a season for which Woodie was present*. With that being said, it is now more important than ever for our community to continue promoting Woodie’s principal teaching of Gracious Professionalism not just at competitions, but in all aspects of our everyday lives.

*assuming a traditional 4-year high school in which 2023 seniors had their first FRC season in the 2019-2020 school year.

I’ve always been fond of this tribute video created by the REC Foundation back in 2019, which I feel does an admirable job highlighting Woodie’s incredible contributions to STEM education. With all the unimaginable craziness continuously erupting in today’s society, let us all strive to positively change culture for the betterment of tomorrow, and above all, remember to make Woodie proud: