Thrifty Elevator Full Extension Distance?

Does anybody have a number for the full extension length of a Thriftybot 2 stage Thrifty Elevator? Our configuration will be the same as in the instruction manual with the full 47" uprights and first stage. We have looked everywhere and couldn’t find any data regarding either the percentage of extension or the total extension length. Any data would be greatly appreciated.

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The included spring is 39" in length so for longer than that you’ll need to examine other spring options and see what fits in the space. I’d check on McMaster and see what else is available McMaster-Carr

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You might also be able to use the voucher code from vulcan springs, you get 6 free springs, with free shipping to the US and Canada.

That’s the telescoping tube kit isn’t it not the elevator has a spring kit with 48" travel right?

Oh my bad, I definitely misread this thread :sleeping:

The elevator spring is 50" long but with all constant force springs you may need to test and see how much travel you really get. Usually you need a few inches at least of wrap to maintain it around the spool to make sure it doesn’t jump off and unravel.

Few things are as terrifying as conforce springs gone rogue. :drop_of_blood::drop_of_blood: