Thrifty Elevator Mounting neo with vexgearbox


I am from a rookie team in NY 9016… we are using the thrifty bot elevator for our robot, and have run into an issue with mounting the motor… there are only two screws going from the plate to the gearbox holding the whole system in… which we relaized is a big failure point… has any team come up with a solution to secure it more!


Can you share some pictures. We are using a thrifty elevator and our gearbox is mounted to the bottom plate with 4 bolts on each.


You’ll want to drill 2 more holes so you can pick up the other 2 mounting holes. Unfortunately the versaplanetary gearbox and maxplanetary gearboxes aren’t 1:1 mounting pattern-wise, meaning you’ll need to drill 2 access holes in-between two existing holes so the versaplanetary can mount with 4 bolts. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

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