Thrifty Swerve Drive Library Issue

We’re having issues with our library. We installed the Stryke Force libraries online but we don’t seem to be importing the correct sections. It’s not matching the GitHub we’re looking at. The Thrifty Bot GitHub says we should be importing the following: org.strykeforce.thirdcoast.swerve.SwerveDriveConfig;
but then it shows up as an error and Ctrl + . just shows up as remove unused import. All of our imports also show strykeforce.swerve instead of strykerforce.thirdcoast.swerve. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We did quite a bit of refactoring on our swerve drive library this summer to use more of the WPILib swerve code and better integrate with some of the odometry and path following resources. As part of this refactor the package for the swerve portion of the library is now under org.strykeforce.swerve so your import statements are correct.

I looked at the thrifty swerve example github and they are still using the 20.4.1 version of our library in vendordeps, this was before the refactor (the latest is 21.3.1).

As part of the code refactoring we don’t have a class called SwerveDriveConfig anymore. If you want a reference for instantiating a swerve drive using our refactored code you can look at the drive subsystem in our infinite recharge repository. This code is for our swerve hardware not the thrifty swerve modules so some of the exact config details may not match your hardware.

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